Spelling You See Giveaway!

Last year, I had the pleasure of reviewing Demme Learning’s Spelling You See program. My oldest son really enjoyed this approach to learning spelling. Rather than using the traditional method of requiring students to memorize lists of words, Spelling You See takes a more natural path. Using writing and visual memory, along with dictation, your child will learn to spell the words throughout each lesson without the intentional memorization that other methods employ.

Spelling You See Giveaway

There are currently five levels of the program available with plans for two more levels to be published soon. No matter if your child is a beginning reader or if they are ready for the word extension level of spelling, you can find the materials to build a confident and natural speller.

The levels are not based on grade level or age, but rather on the student’s spelling level. This makes the program work well because instead of forcing a preconceived notion of ability based lessons on a child, it will meet them where they are, helping them master the necessary skills to move to from level to level.

Spelling You See has offered to giveaway one complete level of the winner’s choice to one reader! For your chance to win, fill out the form below:


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