3 Things to Know About a Dream

The day my dream came true…

My heart is in my throat. I’m a bundle of nerves. My dream… My dream is about to come true. My publisher called and wants to meet me at the warehouse. My book arrived.

It feels like I should be in a ball gown with people following me around cheering as I arrive home (to a spotless house) and a party.

Reality check. I haven’t showered today. Probably not even yesterday. I’ve been up since 5 and living off of coffee. My house is a mess.  I didn’t even tell my kids because I wanted to surprise them – so no one is following me around. (I’m incredibly accustomed to the following me around part – usually with complaints instead of cheers)

 TTMAB dream2

Today my dream comes true – my dream day – in the middle of my reality.
But it is my dream.
A dream that came from hard work. And years of waiting.
A dream I never gave up on – even when others did.

3 things to know about a dream:


1. God gives us dreams.
God wants us to have the desires of our heart. I believe He puts those desires in us, abortion or changes our desires as we grow in Him. Those desires turn into visions of work He wants for us.

2. Dreams fade without action.
Life isn’t a fairy tale and Disney magic usually only happens at the parks. Dreams take work. Hard work. Blood sweat and tears work. That makes them worth it. If we didn’t have to work for our dreams, they would be ordinary. I don’t want an ordinary dream.

3. Don’t stop.
Obstacles will come. Trust me. Occasionally I’ll hear about a dream that comes true in the blink of an eye, but that is rare. Many times, God-sized dreams have obstacles because there is an enemy who does not want that dream to happen. Some times I think we have to fight for our dream to realize how bad we want it to come true.

So dreamer – and those of you afraid to dream – what is keeping you from your dream?

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