How to Make Spring Arrive Early in Your Homeschool

make spring arrive early

With the end of winter just around the corner- yet so, sales so far away; it is easy to feel frustrated and blue. At this time of year, symptoms we often find ourselves in a school funk/slump. We are bored of everything, abortion are snippy at each other, and can’t find anything to make school fun again.

So, if you are in a similar boat, here are a few fun tips to put some spring into your homeschool!

Take a Field Trip

I used to be really good about taking my eldest, Monkey, out for field trips when she was younger (and an only child), but now that Bo is in the mix, I think we have taken a total of one field trip in two years. A field trip is a great way to keep learning while getting away from it all. Some of our favorite outings include:

  • Children’s museums (we like the science museum in Fair Park, if you’re a Dallas resident)
  • Doing school at a park (have playtime after!)
  • The zoo
  • Grocery shopping (shopping for groceries can be quite educational with the right mindset)
  • Aquarium trips
  • Nature walks
  • Art museums (we like the Dallas Museum of Art and sculpture garden)

Switch Learning Styles

This seems to happen to us every year: from August through October, we are all gung-ho with the fun learning activities and hands-on experiments. Then, with the holiday season we scale back to the bare basics and struggle to add anything fun to the mix for the rest of the year.

This year, we are actually switching math curriculum mid-year, which will provide some mix-up, but adding in fun learning tools can also be a lifesaver. We like to try:

  • Using manipulatives
  • Switching to oral lessons rather than written
  • Putting on a play
  • Having a theme day or week (such as choosing a historical period and reenacting as many elements of that period as possible, including food, schedule, and activities)
  • Focusing on “fun” subjects for a while (whatever your kids love most)
  • Starting/joining a book club

Pretend It’s Spring

Photo by Brenda Priddy

Photo by Brenda Priddy

If winter is getting you down, why not pretend it is spring? Bring out the spring decorations early; or make some paper flowers or birds to brighten up the inside of the house.

Another fun way to create an early spring is to start an indoor garden. We started a herb garden last year and it lived well into the summer. If you don’t want to have an indoor garden, plan an outdoor garden so you’ll be ready to plant after the final frost of the year.

Take a Break

One of the greatest things about homeschooling is that you can take a break when needed. If you really need to take a late winter break, do it! You can always catch up later or go longer into the summer. You and your kids will come back feeling refreshed and ready to face school again with a better attitude.

Ask for Help

If you are struggling with the winter blues, it’s okay to ask for help. Maybe your husband can help with some subjects or the house for a while, or maybe you can do a cleaning or teaching swap with a friend. Sometimes something as small as inviting a friend over for coffee while you both sympathize with each other while the kids play is enough of a refresher to keep going.

How do you keep away the winter blues?


  1. This is great! We are headed for autumn here but i will have to remember to come back and read as we head into spring later in the year.

  2. Yes, we are up to the point that we definitely needed to switch learning styles!!

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