15 Easy Random Acts of Kindness for Kids

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Since February is the month of love, I thought that would be a great theme to focus on, even if Valentine’s Day is over. The book that we read was Cuddle Bear by Claire Freedman. This is an adorable story about a small bear who just wants to cheer up his friends with a hug.



I love, love, LOVE the sweet illustrations in this book. They are gorgeous and just make you want to reach through the page to snuggle up with Cuddle Bear yourself.

Cuddle Bear Illustrations

When pondering what sort of activity would best accompany this book, I thought what better way to show love than to spend time serving others? 

So I’ve gathered together fifteen of the easiest but meaningful random acts of kindness for kids to perform for others so they can spread love and good cheer!

15 Random Acts of Kindness for Kids

15 Random Acts of Kindness for Kids

  1. You’re a Super Friend Care Package



  2. Chalk Messages


  3. Craft Bags for a Children’s Hospital


  4. Pass Out Compliment Cards



  5. Send Kindness High Fives



  6. Animal Shelter Service Project



  7. Gleaning for the Homeless



  8. Bury Treasure for Other Children to Find at the Playground



  9. Donate School Supplies




  10. DIY Cool Off Kindness Fans



  11. Give a family movie night gift to friends


    100ActsofKindness for Friendship 7

  12. Leave Library Book Kindness Notes



  13. Make Bread for Someone Special



  14. Mail a Long Distance Hug



  15. Make Top Secret Happy Day Notes



All of these ideas are great for helping children show others that they care and for teaching them that serving others is important.

What random acts of kindness for kids have you done?

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