10+ Clever Ways to Teach Math

I love homeschooling, prostate but sometimes, we get burned out. Most recently, we’ve been stuck in a math rut. Our kids are bored with simple textbook math and want something a little more fun.

Luckily, these days finding some fun math activities and ways to make learning fun online is easy!

These are some super-fun, clever ways to teach math that will get your kids excited about learning again.clever ways to teach math

Get a Struggling Student Back on Track

As I said in the intro, we’ve been in a math rut recently and found ourselves a bit behind. We’ve used these six ideas to get back on track and overcome our math struggles.

Fun Math Fact Memorization

Monkey is still learning her math facts, and I bet she would welcome any of these fun learning methods! She would 31i7-GVnOpL._be particularly fond of the flashlight game.

Base Ten Printables

If your kids need help learning base ten math facts, Dusty has created her own fun printable set for you to use!

Outdoor Math Activities

My girls are little animals and would much rather be outside than in. These fun outdoor math activities would keep even the most active child happy while learning new math concepts.

Living Math Ideas

living mathWhen we get bored with regular textbook math, we turn to living math (living math is another term for hands-on math from Charlotte Mason)! We love doing things like cooking together, playing store, practicing math while waiting for our food and a restaurant, and in tons of other ways!

Hands-On Math Ideas for Upper Elementary

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find hands-on math activities for kids past first grade. Since Monkey is in third grade, we need more advanced hands-on activities. These activities from Creekside Learning offer excellent resources for 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade math.

Squish Bag Counting

The idea of squeezing a gel-filled bag to count sounds really fun to me! I bet both of my kids would love it.

Hands-On Math Games

If you have just a bit of time to add in a creative math activity, try one of these fun games!

Hands-On Math for Grades 1-4

Here is another great list of resources for making math fun beyond kindergarten. I love that fellow bloggers are starting to look into how to make learning fun for older kids, too!

What are your favorite resources for making math a little more fun?


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