5 Reasons to Attend a Homeschool Conference for the First Time

Last year I attended my very first homeschool conference. I had a fabulous time and learned more than I had anticipated before arriving. Even my husband enjoyed a few of the speakers and had he not been there mostly to care for our children while I was in sessions, he would have chosen to sit in on several more. It was an exhausting but fantastic weekend and I’ve been eagerly anticipating returning to the North Carolinians for Home Education Homeschool Conference this spring. I will again be serving as one of the official conference bloggers and I cannot wait to return to Winston Salem and fill my homeschool encouragement cup WAY up!

5 Reasons to Attend a Homeschool Conference for the First Time

If you’ve never attended a homeschool conference, I highly recommend looking into changing that! Here are my top five reasons that you should attend a homeschool conference for the first time:

  1. You will find new like minded friends.

    It’s true that families choose home education for many varying reasons, but we all have a common denominator–we all want to provide personally tailored educations to our children to best suit their needs. No matter your religious affiliation or your educational philosophy, homeschool parents will generally all deeply desire to do what’s best for their children’s learning needs. What’s better than to be in a venue where hundreds or even thousands of us are in one place?

  2. You will find encouragement.

    With speakers covering a wide variety of topics pertaining to homeschooling, you are sure to find someone who will be able to give you a new perspective on an area you struggle in or a confidence boost in an area that you are unsure of your own skill.

  3. You will be refreshed.

    Taking this time to focus solely on your homeschool and the things that you need and/or desire of your coming homeschooling year will give you a renewed energy. The end of the school year can often bring burn out or frustration. Spending time working on the things that you want to improve and looking for solutions to problems can give you the right focus to  begin anew.

  4. You will get a hands on look at curriculum.

    If you are like me, sometimes when it comes to choosing a new curriculum for your children, online descriptions just won’t cut it. Even after pouring through blogs and reviews, I like to get my hands on the books, flip through their pages, and take a close look at the inner workings to better determine if it will work for our family. Most homeschool conferences have wonderful vendor halls where you can do just that. Just make sure to budget beforehand!
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  5. You will never know what’s they are like if you don’t give them a try.

    Before I attended the conference last year, I was skeptical of how much help it would really be to me. After all, in today’s society there are mountains of resources and information available right at my fingertips on the Internet. After attending, I can honestly say that I wish that I’d gone to one before then. It was an amazing experience for me and will now be a regular part of our homeschool year.

Have you ever attended a homeschool conference?

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