6 Ways to Take Your Homeschool Classroom Outside

March can be a long month when you’re homeschooling.  The days begin to beckon to us with the promise of spring.  The days are growing longer and the breeze blows a little warmer.  Here are 6 ways to take your homeschool classroom outside and to enjoy the sweetness of the season.

6 Ways to Take Your Homeschool Classroom Outside


1.  Go Bird Watching  Spring is the perfect time to watch birds build their homes and prepare for babies.

Use this time to discuss habitats and the ecosystem.  Bring out journals for the kids to sketch, keep track of types of birds, are record their findings.

2. Go on an Easter Egg Hunt  It may not be time for Easter quite yet, but the stores already have out their Easter egg stash.  Why not go ahead and start using these eggs in creative learning games?

easter egg hunt

Hide eggs out in the yard with math problems, and then hide eggs with the answers.  Children will have to match up the problems with the answers.  For spelling fun, write a letters on each egg that will spell a spelling word.  After all of the eggs are found your child will have to put the eggs in order to spell their secret spelling word.  Learning possibilities are endless with Easter egg hunts.  And yes, put a small piece of candy in a couple of the eggs to add the element of surprise!

3. Measure Trees  Take your math class outside by measuring the circumference of trees.

Bring out a spool of yarn, ruler, snap cubes, scissors, clip board, paper, and pencil.  See if your child can predict which tree has the biggest circumference.  Then use the yarn to wrap around the tree.  Cut the yarn and then lay it out flat.  With either snap cubes or a ruler, measure to find the circumference.  Draw the tree on your paper and write the circumference beside it.  Practice with a few more trees.  See if your child’s prediction was correct.

4. Plant a Garden  You don’t have to have a big yard to plant a garden.  You can plant a small herb garden in containers or a raised garden with vegetables and flowers.

The process of growing food teaches children about our food sources.  It’s a great project to understand the needs of plants and the responsibility of taking care of something.  Once the garden is producing, your child will feel a sense of pride for eating something that they grew in their own garden!

5. Use their Senses to find out about their environment.  Smell a flower, listen to a bird, feel the wet grass, or see the colorful landscape.

maddie smelling

Encourage your child to write a poem or draw a picture by using their senses.  This is a great way to incorporate a little language arts.

6.  Get Active!  We hear more and more about the inactivity of children.  There’s no excuse to get outside and let your kids play when the weather is calling for everyone to get outside!

Climb trees!

Play tag!

Use your imagination!

tree climber

Be creative with your lessons this Spring and try to take them outside!  It will help you fly though the last couple of months and you’ll all benefit from Mother Nature.

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