B is for Books on Ancient History

No homeschool is complete without books, and ancient history happens to be my favorite portion of history to study. My five children range in ages ten to two; therefore we’ve come across some great books, and some not so great books. These happen to be our favorite, and most of these books onn ancient history I’m able to use with all my children together. It just helps our homeschool run more efficiently. Many of these titles my preschoolers enjoy listening in as we read aloud to the elementary children; those titles are indicated in red. The black titles fit best with my elementary children.

B is for Books on Ancient History for Kids

Books on Ancient History for Kids

1) The Action Bible 

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Let’s not forget that the Bible is a book detailing the historical lives of the Israelites. And when we touch on Ancient History, the best place to begin is the Bible. Of course reading through the Holy Bible is important, but The Action Bible is a fun compilation of events documented in the Bible. It reads as a comic, and the pictures capture children’s attention.

Due to the nature of how the text reads, conversations occur between characters that don’t actually appear within the Bible itself. However, it’s a fun way of approaching Bible stories.

2) The Story of the World Volume 1

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Story of the World Volume 1 details events around the world from the dawn of time until the fall of the Roman Empire. It reads similar to a chapter book, and we enjoy reading it as a read aloud. This is a fantastic overview of the Ancients worldwide. If you wish for activities to go along with each chapter, there is an Activity Book, which is purchased separately.

Be aware this book does explain religious practices and gods of the people groups being studied. Often times, I’ll read those portions then we discuss God himself and what the Bible says about all this.

3) Streams of Civilization Volume 1

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This book is packed with details of the Ancients, as well as detailing the migrations of people groups. Even though the pictures aren’t flashy or attention getting, my children love hearing about how people arrived where they did. We typically don’t read straight through this book, but as a resource on the side while studying a particular people group. However it can be used as a stand alone text-book; at the beginning of each chapter the book lists activity recommendations.

Although mention of religious practices of people groups is included in this book, it is done through a Christian perspective. The book also mentions evolutionists belief of early mankind; however, it is also introduced through the lens of Christianity.

4-6) The Imagination Station

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This is a series of chapter books brought to you by the guys from Adventures in Odyssey. Two cousins travel back in time to historical places through Mr. Whittaker’s Imagination Station. The cousins travel all over the world during all parts of history. The titles we’ve enjoyed in regards to the Ancients are:

7-8) Magic Tree House Fact Tracker

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These chapter books are enjoyable as they focus solely on the facts of the people being studied. It’s brought to you by the guys from the Magic Tree House series, yet doesn’t follow the Magic Tree House story.

Each page offers drawings of the time period along with actual pictures of archeological finds. The titles in this series we enjoy are: Ancient Rome and Pompeii, and Mummies and Pyramids.

Be aware that mention of religion and gods of that time period are mentioned in both books.

9) Pompeii…Buried Alive!

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This Step into Reading book explains the events surrounding the Ancient city of Pompeii and how a volcanic eruption destroyed this city. It also explains the lives of the ancient Greeks who visited this city.

10) The Trojan Horse

The ancient story of the Trojan Horse is such a fun and captivating story. This is a Step into Reading book designed for beginning readers ready to start chapter books. The book is written in short chapters, and explains how the Trojan War began and the irony within the giant wooden horse.

The pictures are charming, but the book takes on a serious tone as it explains the details of the interaction between the Greeks and Troy.

11) Hidden Army 

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An ancient Chinese Emperor was once buried with a life size clay army. This All Aboard Reading book explains the details that went into this creation which occurred in the Ancient Chinese world.

The book includes actual pictures of this clay army as well as reasons why this army was created.

12) The Story of the Olympics

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This is a book from the Usborne Young Reading collection. It explains the ancient Olympic games as well as modern Olympic games. This book is a charming compilation of details surrounding the Ancient Greeks and their love for the games.

13-17) You Wouldn’t Want to Be a…

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These books are offer such a charming, and fun way to take a look at the ancients. Not to mention, dozens of people groups are covered in this series. The series takes the reader back in time to ancients across the globe of what he would not want to be. The books share details of the everyday life of the people group of that time period as well as detailing the life of who he most definitely does not want to be.

There are dozens of topics in this series, but the titles we’ve enjoyed so far are:

This series touches on sensitive topics, but they do a great job of introducing the child to these topics in a lighthearted manner. Be aware this is a secular series; therefore, religious beliefs are mentioned in conjunction with the specific people groups being studied.

Other topics in the series cover the Assyrians, Gladiators, China, Mayans, the Incas and many more.

How do I utilize books such as these without breaking my budget? Be sure to check out Books on a Budget for answers to this question. Interested in more book lists? Check out Our Favorite Books from Anchored In His Grace.

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What are your favorite books on Ancient History?

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