Explore God’s Weird and Wonderful Creations

My seven year old son has been a reluctant reader. He likes books, but he’d much prefer to be battling imaginary villains in worlds far away than sitting still somewhere. He’s been learning to read for two years now, at his own pace, and had seemingly just plodding through our phonics lessons because he knew he had to do it. Then he found a small handful of books in our home that he could read on his own and appeared to really captivate his curious mind.

Explore God's Weird and Wonderful Creations

Made By God: Weird and Wonderful Creations by Zondervan was one of these specially chosen books. When it arrived in the mail, he was immediately drawn in by the Orca whale on the cover. He LOVES those and so he eagerly opened up the book to explore what other wonders he could find inside. I found him twenty minutes later, still sitting cross legged in the floor, pouring through the pages and even reading aloud to his younger sister.

Be still, my mama heart. 

This 120+ page hardcover I Can Read book is actually four books combined into one volume. It includes:

  • Spiders, Snakes, Bees and Bats
  • Big Bugs, Little Bugs
  • Sea Creatures
  • Poisonous, Smelly, and Amazing Plants

weird creations inside

There are over 200 bonus facts inside and your child will learn a TON of interesting information about the plants, animals, and insects that God created. Large, clear photographs are on each page and there aren’t too many words on them to overwhelm new or struggling readers.

I love that not only is this book chock full of educational information, but that it is from a biblical perspective. Two thumbs up from me! You can purchase this title for only $9.99 on the Zondervan site! Anything that catches my boy’s attention like this book did deserves a place on the shelf for good!

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