Spring Fever! 5 Ways to Take Learning Outside

The weather warms and the sun comes out to play. Minds frequently wander out the window (and it’s not just the kids!). How in the world are you going to finish school when no one wants to do it?

Take learning outside!

But what about keeping their attention? Won’t they play instead of learn?

HOLD ON! Learn through play! Turn playing into learning by being a guide. One thing I’ve learned in teaching struggling learners: Learning through play is more effective in reinforcing material than worksheets. During Spring, case when the outside calls – take the learning outside and guide your children through these educational activities!
Spring Fever TTMAB

5 Ways to Take Learning Outside

  1. Field Trips! Take a break from the books and go somewhere. Have you been learning about Swimming Creatures? Take a field trip to the beach! Spring is the best time for many field trips because the weather is nice and other kids are still in school. Find out when the local Spring Breaks fall and stay home those weeks.
  2. Books and a Blanket! Bring a blanket and a your books and read in the sunshine. Remember to pause and ask your kids questions often. When you go outside, treatment you do need to watch for wandering eyes. Remember, viagra buy just because they aren’t looking at you doesn’t mean they aren’t learning. Your questioning strategies will show when you’ve lost the kids. What do you do when they didn’t pay attention? At first, question often. When they show you that they did pay attention, there are two things you can try:
    1. Teach them to focus. Some kids can filter the background, and some… well… need to be taught how to focus. Work with them using gentle reminders. If that doesn’t work, there’s always option two.
    2. Step inside to reread that section. Once they’ve answered the questions, move back outside. They’ll get the hang of it!
  3. Math Sticks! Instead of a working a problem on paper, give them a stick and some dirt. Let them work the problem in dirt, but put the answer on the paper. If you are uncomfortable with that, they can always take a picture of the work in the dirt. When problems are answered incorrectly, have them explain their answer and self correct.
  4. Chalk Quiz! With chalk write A, B, C, D spread out on the driveway. Ask multiple choice questions. They have to run to the correct answer. You can also do this with numbers and use it to quiz math facts.
  5. The WORLD is our Classroom! Remember Homeschooling does NOT mean that you have to stay IN your home.

When the weather’s nice, enjoy it! Do what you can outside. Be creative. And don’t forget to take skip days! How do YOU take learning outside?

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