Yarn Wrapped Tornado Craft

It’s time for Poppins Book Nook! This virtual monthly book club showcases great books for children and activities to accompany them. This month’s theme was Weather!

With the season changing, this is a perfect opportunity to take a look at our weather with children. You can study all sorts of topics from wind to rainbows. We recently got a brand new book, See Inside Weather and Climate which is a super neat lift the flap book that takes a look at various types of weather, world climates, and more while providing plenty of opportunity for interactive reading. weather and climate 1

My children loved peeking behind all the flaps to see what nifty tidbit of information was hidden underneath. I love books like this that make learning fun and almost effortless.

weather and climate 2

After spending quite a bit of time pondering over what sort of activity we could do to accompany this great book, I finally decided that we would make our own tornadoes! I wanted the tornado craft to be simple, but fun for all of my three older children.

Yarn Wrapped Tornado Craft


Yarn Tornado 1


  1. Warm up your hot glue gun and squirt just a thin line of glue around the edge of the pointed part of the foam cone. Using the grey yarn, begin to wrap around the cone. I only used glue at the beginning and then end (remember, I wanted this to be simple for the kids!).Yarn Tornado 2
  2. Continue to wrap the yarn down the cone, making sure to keep it from making large gaps.Yarn Tornado 3
  3. When you get to the other end, use the hot glue again to secure the end of the yarn.Yarn Tornado 4
  4.  Now turn the cone, pointed end down, and place hot glue along the edge of the flat circle end. Get your white yarn and lay it along the edge, pressing it to the glue.Yarn Tornado 6
  5. Continue to do this until you fill in the circle. Then using the hot glue, pile the yarn so it isn’t a perfect circle so it will take on a “cloud” appearance. Do this until your cloud is the size and shape that you desire.Yarn Tornado 7
  6. Push the bamboo skewer down into the center of the cloud until it is secure. Tie thread, fishing line, or dental floss to the end of the skewer and then tie the other end to a thumbtack so you can hang it from the ceiling. Now you can gently spin your tornado and watch it go!Yarn Tornado 9

Easy and fun! This would be great to pair with a weather unit study!

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