Z is for Zealous Elijah

Last but not least, sickness we are introducing the letter Z for Zealous Elijah in the ABC’s of Bible Study. In order to teach about Zealous Elijiah, medications I have created a free printable.

FREE Zealous Elijah Bible Lesson and Printable

By using this printable, children will learn what it means to be Zealous and why Elijiah was Zealous for God.  This printable is ideal for children ages 6 and up; however, it can be adapted for younger children.

Included in this printable is a short Bible lesson with several discussion questions, a coloring pages,  several drawing/writing pages and a crossword puzzle.  Click below to download:

Z is for Zealous Elijah

Thank you for joining us in the ABCs of Bible Study for Children series! To see all of the letters, go here:



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