DIY Baseball Wall Art

We are right in the midst of baseball season in our home. Days are filled with scrubbing stains from the knees and backs of baseball pants, finding the one missing cleat, buying nachos from concession stands, and cheering on our oldest son (who scored his first run this week!). It’s just part of life every spring. That’s why this month’s Story Corner post from me may seem to be a bit of an nontraditional fit with our theme of “Spring,” but to our family, it definitely goes hand in hand.

For inspiration, we read the book, A Baseball Story by Richard Torrey. This is a cute little picture book that follows a little boy named Jordan as he plays in his first game of the season. In simple terms, the book introduces children to basic baseball terminology and showcases the sport.

A Baseball Story

My son is playing his first year of machine pitch baseball, so he knows the information in this story, but he enjoys it all the same. It’s got bright pictures and tells the story from the little player’s perspective which makes it appealing.

baseball story 1

My son really loves playing this sport, so I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to construct something for his room to suit his interest. Since he is so young, he still sometimes gets nervous about all the eyes watching him when he’s on the field. This is also the first year where scores are tallied rather than it just being a game to help all the children work on the fundamental basic skills like in t-ball. I decided to use this encouraging quote that I came across from baseball legend Babe Ruth and put it on some canvas to create my own DIY baseball wall art.

DIY Baseball Wall Art

I am not artist and while I love surfing Pinterest for ideas, I will never claim to be even a smidgen as talented as many of the moms whose creations I drool over day after day. This is a simple project for the average mama who just wants to add a touch of personality to their little one’s space.


Start off by using a paintbrush and the red acrylic paint and create the appearance of baseball stitching on two opposite corners on the canvas.

baseball story 2

Print out the quote that I have already designed on to white paper. Cut around the words and arrange it to get an eye for how you want your words to appear on the canvas.

baseball story 3

Once you have an idea of how you want the words to be, flip the canvas over and tape the cut out to the back of it lightly.

baseball story 4

Flip it back over and using a pencil, trace the words from the paper. Don’t make your lines too dark.

baseball story 5

Use the red and blue paint to fill in your letters.

baseball story 6

Choose a few of your buttons and add them for a little bit more visual fun.

baseball story 7

Easy, simple, meaningful decor for the little slugger in your life!

Have you ever made your own decorative canvas?

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  1. This is great! We love baseball and this would be so cute for our playroom. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I would have never thought to trace the words from the back of the canvas… what a clever idea!

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