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Spring is in the air! The birds are chirping and building nests, the wind is blowing warmly, the flowers are budding, and we’re tilling up the ground to prepare for planting our garden. There is also one more thing that starts during this time of year for our family–baseball season.

My husband grew up playing throughout his entire childhood with his father coaching him. As an adult, he also played on recreational softball teams. It’s a family pastime.

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He dreamed of the day when our son would be old enough to play. Of course, he knew that our boy may choose a different sport to participate in, but he secretly hoped that he would follow in his footsteps. He got his wish. When our son turned four, he asked to play t–ball when give various options for extracurricular activities. This began our induction into the baseball family club.

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It’s been three years and though I wasn’t a baseball fan to begin with, I’ve grown to love the sport because my loved ones love it. It’s a great family bonding time. The girls, the baby, and I love to help where we can in the dugout and during games and practices while my husband coaches and my son plays. It’s an integral part of our spring and early summer now.

This Saturday is Opening Day. My son is playing machine pitch for the first time and it’s amazing watching him grow and progress as an athlete. We’ll kick off the season cheering on the team and sitting front and center in the stands eating nachos and cheese (concession stand nachos are so yummy!).  I’ll spend the next two and a half months attending games, scrubbing dirt and grass stains from baseball pants, throwing balls in the yard to help my son practice, and silently praying that we don’t have any more nosebleeds from accidental facial collisions with stray balls. We’ll yell and cheer, hold hands and pray before each game, and give pep talks when games don’t end the way we want them too.  It’ll be fun and wonderful.

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Even though I was never interested in sports when I was growing up, I am now a proud sports mom.

Since I know that there are tons more baseball loving families out there, I’ve created these baseball themed printable alphabet flashcards for you all! They are completely FREE and you can download them below:

Baseball Themed Alphabet FlashcardsClick here to download

What sports does your family enjoy?

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