{FREE} Spring Count and Clip Cards

Spring is such a lovely season and to celebrate the start I have these gorgeous count and clip cards for you. Count and clip cards are so much fun and these {FREE} printable Spring Count and Clip Cards are just so cute.

Spring Count and Clip Cards


I prefer to print out count and clip cards out on white cardstock and then laminate for better durability. Then these fun cards can be used over and over again.

I also set out our cards on a tray with a little bowl of pegs, help ready for our kids to complete the next day.Spring Count and Clip Cards 1a


After counting the pictures, the kids place a peg onto the correct number.  This not only helps with counting skills, but also with number recognition and fine motor skills.

Spring Count and Clip Cards 5


Other ways you can use these cards are:

  • Once laminated, use a dry erase marker to circle the correct answer, wipe off to reuse
  • Use pom poms or counters instead of pegs to mark the correct answer
  • Cut off the numbers at the bottom of the cards before laminating and have your child place the correct number answer on each card


To download your {FREE} copy of these Spring Count and Clip cards, click on the link below.

Spring Count and Clip Cards



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