Rainbow Soft Toddler Sensory Bin

Even though it took me awhile to jump on board with sensory bins, I’ve been quote enjoying making these for my younger children lately. They are fun, they help keep my toddler busy when I’m trying to homeschool my olders, and they are super easy to throw together with just things you likely have lying about your house!

Our most recent bin was the most popular of all and–a rainbow soft toddler sensory bin! This is a super easy bin to put together and all you need are a few items.

Rainbow Sensory Bin 5

My little guy spent at least 15 minutes playing with this, actively engaged. It bought me that time to focus on teaching a homeschool lesson without interruption. Fifteen minutes is forever in toddler time!

Rainbow Sensory Bin 6

To find out what you need to put this bin, check out my post over at Golden Reflections Blog.


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