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Oh, thank goodness spring is here!  We’re all finished with the cold, icy weather and ready to get out and enjoy some outside fun!  Every spring the kids and I go with our local MOMS club to the zoo.  This year I created a literature packet to tie into our field trip.  That’s what homeschooling moms do, right?  We tie learning into just about everything we do.  This week we read a ton of zoo books, but focused all of our lessons around Animal Strike at the Zoo!

FREE Zoo Report Writing Printables

I wanted to create literature printables to tie in with science and writing for my second grade and kindergartener. We don’t do many science printables so I thought it would be a nice change to focus more on the that aspect of the zoo. Since the zoo is such a popular subject for children, I knew this would be a fun study for us.

After looking around at what’s expected of my second grader and kindergartener, I knew it was time to finish up the year with report writing.  The zoo will be a great way to inspire my kiddos to write about their favorite animal.

My second grader has already written several reports this year, so this will be fairly simple for her.  My kindergartener is getting more and more ambitious with her school work.  I felt confident that she was ready to tackle this skill.

After reading the book to the kids, we discussed the different types of animals (characters) that were featured in the story.   We were short on time this month with Easter and Spring Break, so I didn’t ask my second grader to design the artwork for this packet.  She’ll have plenty of time to create murals of the zoo after our trip.  I know she’s going to love it!  To review the differences between mammals, reptiles, and birds, we used the pocket chart to make this activity more hands-on.

animal pocket chart

I created this little report book because if I make an assignment into a book, my kids take great pride in their work.   My four year old is especially excited about this assignment.  I think it makes him feel more like a big kid.

animal report

Labeling a picture is a popular skill for kids in kindergarten through second grade.  I gave some more practice by not only having them draw and identify their animal’s habitat, but also requiring them to label all of their details in their picture.

The last three pages of the packet are graphic organizers for the animal that my children chose to research.  This will really help them organize their thoughts before they start writing.  I expect my second grader to give me 7-10 sentences about her animal, while I’m hoping I can get 3-4 sentences from my Kindergartener.

zebras can

Going to the zoo this spring or just want to research your own animals?

Download your Zoo Packet HERE:

Zoo Packet


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    I downloaded the Zoo packet but was unable to open the files.

  2. Ruth Patterson says:

    I downloaded it again and got it work.
    Thanks for making this available.

  3. Amy Sather says:

    can not open zoo packet at all?

    • You just click the highlighted words “Zoo Packet” at the end of the post and it will download a zip file for you. You’ll then have to unzip it on your computer to open it.

  4. hi there 🙂

    just tried downloading this and it says file not found? we are going to the zoo and these would be perfect for my kiddies 🙂


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