6 Ways to Explore Your Community

It’s May which means it’s the perfect time to get out and take a field trip around your community! Spring is one of my favorite times to take walking field trips. We’re lucky enough to live in our downtown area which makes it very easy to walk to various places in our community. Even if you don’t live close enough to walk, don’t miss out this season on exploring the fascinating world of your community!community post resize

The Fire Station

Simply one of the best field trips of all time was a trip to the fire station.  Every spring our first grade class would take a walking field trip to the fire station.  What child can’t resist a look at where firemen eat and sleep while they wait to rescue a burning building?  We used a fun fire unit from Making Learning Fun to go along with this field trip.  The firehouse sight words were our favorite activity. Get more free fire safety/fire fighter resources here.

The Library

After our trip to the fire station we would walk over to the library for story time!  I always loved doing story time at the library with my kids when they were younger.  They always had a theme that I could incorporate during our days at home.  It’s also a great time to show children how to find books by their favorite authors and to instill the love of reading!

Evie and Lindsey

The Playground or Picnic Area

After our trip to the library it was always time for lunch and play.  The library I visited with my first grade class had a playground right next door.  The library we walk to with my own kids has a plaza area with fountains and benches.  We always pack a lunch to eat as we run around burning off energy we stored up sitting in the library.  When the weather is too nice to eat inside it’s always more fun to eat out in nature.

picnic at the library

Local Strawberry Patch

Ok, I said the fire station was the best field trip but I forgot about the strawberry patch!  This is one place my kids talk about all year long.  Not only does our local strawberry patch have the best strawberries to pick, it also is located on a farm with goats and chickens.  Since we typically do some type of gardening unit in the spring, visiting the strawberry patch is the perfect field trip to take after discussing the parts of plants and how to grow a garden.

Teak at the strawberry patch


We love the theater in our family!  It’s always fun for us to walk to our local community theater to see the latest kid show.  Sometimes our theater will put on shows during the day for schools.  We got to see The Wizard of Oz this year and the theater sent me a packet with lessons plans when I reserved our tickets!


We often stop in to have a sweet treat when walking to the library at our local bakery.  I was told that they give tours of the kitchen and teach kids how the bakery works.  This is something we haven’t done yet, but I’m definitely putting it on my to do list for next year!

As you can see there are many opportunities to learn from your community.  Make a point to get out and take your classroom on the road this month!


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