How to Double Crochet

Once you really get moving with crocheting, you’ll find that the smaller stitches just don’t get you to the finish line fast enough; thus, enter the Double Crochet. It is a very popular stitch found in lots of beginner type patterns, and it’s quite easy to do, so let’s take a look at how to double crochet!

500x700 double crochet


1. As always, attach the yarn to your hook with a Slip Knot.

2. Chain 12. The number of chains crocheted would simply depend upon the pattern. For the sake of explanation, we’ll do 12 chains.

3. Find the 3rd chain from the hook. Two chains are equivalent to one double crochet, so the two skipped chains are often counted as the first double crochet without actually making a double crochet. Just make sure to check the pattern to see if they note whether to count the two skipped chains as a double crochet. This will make more sense after becoming more familiar with patterns.

3 double crochet

4. Yarn over. Yes, you are yarning over BEFORE you go through the chain stitch. (a) Place your hook through the middle of the 3rd chain you found in step 3. (b)

4a double crochet     4b double crochet

5. Yarn over. (a) Pull the yarn back through the chain. There should be three loops on the hook. (b)

5a double crochet     5b double crochet

6. Yarn over. (a) Pull the yarn through two loops on the hook. (b) There should still be two loops left on the hook.

6a double crochet     6b double crochet

7. Yarn over. (a) Pull the yarn through the remaining two loops on the hook. (b) One double crochet has just been completed.

7a double crochet     7b double crochet

8. Continue with steps 4 thru 7, creating a Double Crochet in each Chain across, until you reach the end of the row.

8 double crochet

If you want to keep going, just check out the “Other Tips” section of my “How to Single Crochet and Other Tips” post. Turning your work with Double Crochet is pretty much the same as turning with Single Crochet. The only difference is in step 2 of the “Other Tips” section. For a Double Crochet, you will Chain 2 before turning your work, because a Chain 2 is the same size as a Double Crochet.

I challenge you to keep going with rows of Double Crochet until you have what appears to be a square. Then, compare this square to the Single Crochet square you made earlier. You will see that the Double Crochet goes much faster yet achieves the same goal. I hope you’ve had fun with this crochet series! Thank you so much for following along, and happy crocheting!

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