Hair Brushing Tips (for the busy mom)

Picture this: You are running out the door after counting kids, cialis shoes, and snacks. You make sure everyone has clothes on and at least shoes in hand – if not on the feet. Grabbing a brush from the counter you start on the first head that gets close enough to run the brush through. Tangles left and right, the child starts crying as you grab another handful of hair. what could be a loving gesture becomes torture – for both of you.

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When I first had kids, I didn’t realized how traumatizing hair would be. I cringe now when I remember the tears, yelling, and yes, even brush throwing, that happened during our hair sessions. I’m just thankful the brush wasn’t used as a weapon. Although I’m sure it felt like a weapon, at the time, to the sensitive heads. Taking time to joyfully do little things yields lasting results. Here are the tips I wish I knew then!

1. Don’t brush from the top down. Start brushing your hair from the middle or lower sections then move to the middle. Once most of those tangles are out, move to the top and brush all of it. If you start from the top and go down, it tightens the tangles and pushes them into each other. There is also more chance of breaking and damaging hair.

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2. Instant Detangler! Detanglers work great, but are pricey and often smell strong. Instead, take a drop of conditioner and add water to it. Rub that into the tangles and it will do the same thing as detanglers.

3. Beat bed head by braiding the hair loosely the night before. Sometimes no matter how much you brush the night before, in the morning there is a big mess! It just takes a minute to loosely braid hair. Beware of Rats nests. Even when the hair looks smooth and brushed on the top layer, underneath the hair might be tangled. Be on the lookout when your children start brushing their hair on their own. Tangles left too long might become rats nests. These have to be worked out with patience and lots of conditioner.

4. Magic brush. Invest in a nice brush. My mother in law blessed us with a nice brush for each girl. Until now, the ONLY brush my daughter ever used was her “magic brush.” The only problem is that we didn’t know where to get them or how to buy more (and they all looked the same). I finally found them on amazon. Recently I found another brush that has been voted the NEW magic brush by my daughter. The Wet Brush comes in cool colors too! We found ours at Target, but when I researched it, getting it straight from the company is cheaper. One thing I noticed is that I loose less hair with it. It slides through the hair easier and doesn’t break your hair.


5. For curly hair, don’t brush!!! I only brush my hair before I wash it. After washing, I let it curl. If I brush it, my curls straightens and my hair frizzes. Some with curly hair can brush it and it still looks good, it just depends on the curls.

As your girls get older, hair brushing time becomes less frustrating and more of a bonding time. Lowering the stress of hair when they are young, sets the stage for beautiful bonding when they are older. Once you have your hair smooth and shiny, don’t forget to add a little bling!

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