A God for All Seasons{Devotional Review and Giveaway}

Finding my own personal quiet time with the Lord is a constant struggle. With children always under foot, a toddler that wakes the moment I attempt to rise from the bed, and days that are so busy with daily tasks, homeschooling, keeping up with my two businesses, and other miscellaneous things, I often find myself sitting at night feeling guilty because I didn’t have what I deem to be appropriate time with the Lord.

Over the years, I’ve found that in this particular season of life, there is no one right time that works for me. I have to be flexible and realize that there is a season for everything. Some days, I squeeze time in before the daily grind begins. On other days, I read late the Bible late at night after my kids are asleep. At times, I listen to an audio Bible while I’m performing household chores. When it comes to devotionals to accompany my Bible reading, I have to be careful in my selection. I want short and sweet without compromising quality. I’ve had some favorites over the years and now I’m adding A God for All Seasons by Patty Tingen to the list.

A God for All Seasons GIVEAWAY

I’ve been using this devotional for quite some time now. In fact, I’ve nearly completed the year long Scripture companion. Its writings correspond with the various seasons of the year. This is not a typical daily devotional, but rather gives a reading for every month. I like to read the new entry on the first day of the month, take some notes of what things really spoke to me or that gave me something to think about on my own personal walk with the Lord and then reflect on those through the duration of the month. I reread the passage often through the month and continue to add notes.

I really enjoyed the beautiful ways that Patty used the seasons and flows of the year to bring out relevant Scriptures and reminders. It helped me continue to reflect on the topics given because there were natural reminders all month long. For example, last month’s focus was on trusting the Lord and having faith. By using analogies pertaining to gardening and growth, this was brought home because our family was in the midst of preparing our own garden for planting.  Each time we planted a new vegetable or herb, I was reminded that no matter the work we put into our soil, God was ultimately in control of how well our harvest would produce in the end. We must trust in Him and lean on Him for the final results. This applies to our lives in many, many ways whether there are difficult circumstances to muddle through or financial struggles to manage. God is always in control. Trust is important. For this month, we’re honing in on giving.

All Seasons 2

Patty Tingen really sends God’s Word into the depths of your heart while sharing her own personal anecdotes and spiritual journey to encourage you in A God for All Seasons. This is a great resource for moms who are looking for a supplement to their own Bible reading and who need an extra dose of encouragement.

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  1. I am Dutch, so you Give Away is not for me. But I am so thanful for your beautiful and powerful post! Thanks for writing!

  2. Hi Dusty, i just saw your site today and am loving it,is this devotional still available as giveaway? i’ve always wanted a good devotional.

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