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It’s officially summer and one of the quintessential activities that many families look forward to during this time of year is camping!

Now, I must admit that trudging out to a secluded spot in the middle of the woods where the air conditioning is forgotten and the insects love to swarm is not this city girl’s idea of a great time. However, my husband grew up loving to spend time in woods with his family and wants to carry on the tradition with our own children. It seems that the kids are eager to try this new adventure out, so I’m officially outvoted. Pack up the sleeping bags!

For this month’s Story Corner theme, “Summer,”  I chose a book that focused on this aspect of the season. When You are Camping by Anne Lee is a fun and cute tale of two very different sisters and their take on what camping is really like for their family. I love that one of the girls has just immersed herself in all that the experience has to offer while the other one takes some time to find enjoyment in the trip. This sums me up perfectly in these types of situations. I may be uncomfortable at first, but after I get the chance to settle in, absorb what’s happening around me, and watch my family have a great time, I begin to find the things that make the activity more pleasurable for me.



After we read the book, my children began to chat and expound on all the things that they would see and do when our family makes its own camping trip in the near future. They were positively giddy at all the fun they were certain to have when they experienced sleeping in a tent outdoors, roasting hot dogs and s’mores on a campfire, and exploring nature. Their chatter made me think that it would be fun for them to have a little notebook or journal to help capture some of the ideas they had and to expand on them and turn an ordinary camping trip into a learning opportunity.

FREE 10 Page Printable Camping Notebook

This brief 10 page pack contains a few simple activities and tidbits for your preschool or early elementary aged child to do while you are enjoying the relaxation that settles in when you are surrounded by quiet and nature!

To download your own copy, click below.

Camping Notebook



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    I love this! I was wondering if I could alter it, or have you alter it a little to fit my girl scout troop camping trip this fall?

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