Toddlers and Eczema: 6 Tips for Healing Breakouts

A month or so ago, I started to notice that my toddler (nearly 21 months old) was beginning to get red splotchy dry patches on the insides of his elbows and on the backs of his knees. I sighed and realized that after several months of no issue, his eczema was rearing its ugly head. About a week later, I woke in the middle of the night due to his tossing and turning and realized that he was scratching his arms incessantly and was very restless. In the morning, I saw that the eczema had spread like wildfire and was up and down both arms, both legs, across the top of his back, and on his stomach where his diaper touches. My poor little guy.


I’m very familiar with eczema. My husband deals with it under certain conditions and all four of my children have had bouts of break outs over the years, especially in the infant and toddler stages. Thankfully, they have all grown out of it once they hit around age 4, but my youngest is right in the midst of it and seems to have gotten the worst case of it that any of our family members has experienced. Just a couple of weeks after I noticed the first small spots, it had gotten so bad that it had spread on to his face and into his scalp.

What is Eczema?

Eczema is a skin condition where red, often raised, dry patches cause irritation. The patches can be itchy or can even crack and bleed. Often, this is caused by an external reaction to various irritants.

I generally always take precautions in other areas to make sure that I’m not agitating his (or any of my other children’s) skin by using known irritants. One of the biggest lifesavers for us is the usage of fragrance free detergent and soaps. Eliminating unnecessary chemically enhanced scents in the products that I use to wash our clothes, blankets, towels, etc. in makes a world of difference in keeping my little guy’s skin clear and baby soft. Here is where I make a confession: I’d let cheap deter me from what I knew was right. For the sake of saving a few dollars, I’d decided to cave and buy a cheaper detergent than my old faithful friend-all free clear. I’d penny pinched, but now my sweet boy was paying the price.


I hurried back out to the store and immediately picked up my go to laundry detergent for sensitive skin. I pulled all of my son’s clothes out of the closet and rewashed them in the hypoallergenic detergent. Following that, I rewashed my bed sheets (we co-sleep). While eczema is often caused by dietary habits, I am fairly confident from careful observation that my son’s is brought on by specific circumstances. The switch in laundry detergents definitely set off this outbreak as nothing in his diet had changed and he had been breakout free for months.

It’s been about four weeks now, and I’m so happy to see my little guy’s skin clearing up nicely. It’s so important to be vigilant in circumstances like this to keep eczema patches from flaring up. While using free clear laundry detergent and other fragrance free laundry products is at the top of my list of things to do to prevent eczema from rearing its head, I have a few other tips to share as well.

6 Tips for Healing Eczema Breakouts on Your Toddler

Tips for Healing Eczema Breakouts:

1. Use coconut oil on dry patches.

Coconut oil is like magic, in my opinion. I use it for everything from treating cradle cap to ridding my children of head lice, or even in play or for making my own baby wipes. It has soothing and healing properties and it is all natural.  Apply liberally and as often as necessary.

2. Keep your toddler’s nails trimmed.

My little guy ended up scratching himself and having scabs on the back of his head and on his thighs because he was digging so much on the itchiest patches. Keeping his nails trimmed down helped keep the boo boos at a minimum.

3. Eliminate dairy and wheat for a bit.

Both of these can be known to cause and/or exacerbate eczema breakouts. My little guy isn’t normally effected by them, but when he is in the midst of a rough bout, I don’t let him have them until he clears up. It’s a precaution that I think is worth it, even if his eczema isn’t typically diet related.

4. Stay indoors.

High pollen days make the eczema worse in many cases. I’ve noticed that the more time my son is outside, running and playing in the grass and trees, the more agitated his skin becomes. If it is especially warm and he gets sweaty, it is even more of an issue. I’ve been opting to keep him inside more often during this particularly time of year when the pollen is almost so thick you can cut it.

5. Use fragrance free soaps and shampoos.

Just like switching back to a hypoallergenic detergent was important, ensuring that my toddler’s bath soaps and shampoos are the same is just as important. Also, don’t linger in baths. The warm water can also irritate and further dry out the skin.

6. Dress your toddler in loose fitting, cotton clothes.

Don’t agitate breakouts further by putting your little one in tight fitting clothing made of irritating fabrics. Let their skin breathe.

There are so many harsh irritants in our world today. I try my hardest (though often imperfectly) to provide my children an environment in which they are free to be children without stress. all free clear is one partner with me in doing this to the best of my ability.


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Do you have a little one that struggles with eczema?

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  1. I am glad that things are getting better for your little one.
    My daughter had this very badly up to the age of about 5 or 6. I too eliminated dairy from her diet. I wish that I had known back then to eliminate wheat because she is allergic to wheat as well.
    But, what took her eczema away for good was vaseline and water. After her bath, I did not dry her off. I would rub vaseline all over and put on her designated clothes (this is pretty greasy).
    Her eczema cleared up very shortly after I began doing this.
    It may work for your little one as well.

  2. I’ve been dealing with my son’s eczema for 5 yrs. I’ve started putting a small Amt of Apple cider vinegar in his tepid bath water, it helps with the itching. I also wash clothes with the free and clear all.

  3. Hi Dusty,
    My daughter suffered for years with eczema, psoriasis and extremely sensitive skin. I have finally found relief for her with Soothe, from the doctors that created ProActiv. I’d love to visit with you, see if we can help your little one, and maybe help you “find your path”…

  4. I’ve tried all sorts of creams, but I never thought about coconut oil. I’ll keep that in mind for the next flare-up.

  5. Candice says:

    I have 2 little ones with this as well my son has pretty much grown out of it except on his leg but my daughter age 3 has a bad case of it it is getting better but she is scared well patchy from it I never tho to use coconut oil and keep her in when the pollen is high . I do keep them away from peanuta because they have that allergy they also have an egg allergy but I don’t feed them eggs straight but they do eat things that are made with eggs. I am gonna try to eliminate that and see what happens. Thank you for this post.

    • You are very welcome! Coconut oil is my go to for so many things. I highly recommend it for skin irritations. I know that a friend of mine who has a child with an egg allergy avoids them even in baked goods, etc. Might be worth a shot to eliminate that too! Have you visited with an allergist?

      • Candice says:

        I have seen an allergist with my son that’s how I found out about the egg and peanut allergy, but not with my daughter. Her doctor did a blood test to check for allergies and they came back postive for the same ones as my son that’s how it happened with him as well but then I took him to the allergist. I never took my daughter yet but I think I just might have to I just hate that they have to do that pin test on them. I have taken her to see a dermatologist the cream he gave me does work for the most part, but that’s all he does looks at and gives me the cream. So I just went to her doctor and told them it was pointless going if they can prescribe the same thing and they did and here we are. I think she gets immune to it after a while so I have to stop using it.

  6. try using Noxzema on him. it was originally invented to treat eczema, hence the name.

  7. Bobby Murphree says:

    Where can I get coconut oil.

  8. My daughter has eczema and it is set off by corn ingredients ( corn starch, corn flour, anything that has corn it, she breaks out within an hour!) I’ve tried to eliminate moat corn from her diet and its pretty good but can always tell if some thing had corn on it and I didn’t know :(. We use baby ganics eczema lotion for bad breakouts and it helps pretty well. Especially with the itching.

  9. My doc suggested coconut oil for my son with eczema… He has multiple allergies and deals with eczema often. When I tried the coconut oil – it seemed to make him itch more. He isn’t allergic to coconuts but it worries me so I stopped trying to use the oil. Anyone else have this issue?

    • I haven’t, but I do know that if I reclothe my little guy right after applying the oil, his clothing sticks to him more and then he fusses and scratches. Could that be the problem?

  10. I think my 15 month old has eczema. I first noticed the patches on the back of his knees, they looked red and inflamed, but when I touched them, I realized they were more dry, scaly. At one point he got patches all over his back and tummy, too, but after I read about eczema, we ended up using Aveeno Eczema Cream, and it has really helped to clear it up. I’m not sure what causes his breakouts yet, as he’s really only had the one so far. Thanks for the advice.

    • You’re welcome! Of course, I’m no doctor, but that sounds just like eczema. When they are so little, it’s hard because they don’t understand why they are so uncomfortable! I’m glad you found out something that will help! Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Christina says:

    Oatmeal bath packets (aveeno makes a great one believe it or not!)! They clear up my son’s worst outbreaks in days when followed with CO, ceraVe cream, & sealed in with aquaphor.

  12. Dezaray Lumpkin says:

    MY baby girl just turned 1 and we have a problem with eczema but at the same time we found out that she is allergic to 30 or of 50 items like pollen, dogs, cats, frebrezz, bleach, vinegar, bananas, dawn dish soap, tattooing green soap, tide, and high allergic to blue star ointment and latex. But she will break out in one spot then with in 2 hours she is covered form head to toe with her eczema. I have to watch what I use on or around her, I have a 4 year old full bill of health nothing wrong with her at all. can someone help me??? please!!!!

    • I am certainly no medical expert, but it sounds like your daughter’s eczema is a side effect/reaction to the things triggering her allergies. Eliminate those things and the eczema will likely clear up. Have you spoken to her pediatrician?

  13. You didn’t mention oatmeal bath! I don’t mean a product that says “oatmeal bath” on it such as aveeno and others. I mean the REAL DEAL. Boiled oatmeal water added to a slightly warm bath. 3 or 4 baths over the course of a week with absolutely no baby wash used either! Also, a good way to determine whether a soap is too harsh for little one’s skin is to use it on your face a few times. I personally use Johnson’s baby wash on my face during showers. The generic version you get at walmart (equate) is a “no go”. It’s really harsh on sensitive skin!

    • This is definitely a great option! Great tip about trying soap on your face! I typically use plain Ivory soap on mine. 🙂 Thanks for the heads up on the generic kind!

  14. Dezaray Lumpkin says:

    Yeah Ive talked to 3 different doctors and they all tell me its eczema. I keep her away from everything I know that will break her out. I’ve changed soaps and everything I can think of and try to only by 100% cotton clothes but everything I seem to do, don’t seem like it helps at all. I can’t try any opiments on her I’m to scared to.

  15. My 5 year old son has suffered from eczema since he was born. Since I have switched to all organic food (well as much as I can) and gotten rid of anything with scents and colors he has been doing better but he still has flare ups. Another great tip is to use cool water for baths and don’t let them stay into long, it actually dry’s out the skin even more. I also researched a ton of sites and have started making my own eczema salve for him because the thought of using hydrocortisone cream on his skin often worried me. I would recommend anyone to look up a salve recipe. The one I make takes the redness right out and soothes his poor skin.

  16. Dezaray Lumpkin says:

    I’m using Johnson and Johnson senitive sink baby wash on her now seem to help out a little.

  17. My toddler has had bad eczema since he was born. We tried it all. Coconut oil did nothing, cotton clothes, fragrance free laundry soap, etc. What eventually worked was our dermatologist made me bathe him 3 to 5 times a day for 5 minutes in lukewarm water with a special oil. Then Vaseline him from head to toe (but the boy reacted to Vaseline so that step got eliminated). We have a prescription for.betaderm and anytime it starts up I have to spot-cream him.

    If he plays in water…or flares up. If it is really jot and humid… he flares up if I put him in polyester blend pants for too long.. flare. Good times. At least it is much more under control now. Poor kid looked like he had lizard skin as a baby lol.

    Glad to hear your little one is doing better!!

  18. Sarah Shiels says:

    Interesting reading these comments! My daughter is nearly 3, and suffers from eczema. I noticed it flares up if she wears tight clothing. I’m not sure if gluten/wheat/diary makes it worse. I too use sensitive /soap free washing products for her clothes. I’ve tried all the bath products and creams, Aveeno bath seems to work wonders! I hope she grows out of it as I was exactly the same when I was a child!

  19. Heather says:

    HI there,
    My 2 yr old niece has this very bad. Her body is covered with it from head to toe. we have tried everything from coconut oil to the prescribed creams from the DRs, nothing has seemed to work. will have to try the no dairy and wheat thing, my sister in-law uses laundry soap for sensitive skin ( we don’t have all clear up here in Canada).

  20. Joelandi says:

    Hi there, I have been washing my little in redbush tea and I massage zinc & castor oil on every inch of her and I have never had any eczema problems for almost a year and a half,, has helped many of my friends and their little ones

  21. My paedetrician advised me to use Epi-max baby. Aquoscream it helped her a lot.i use it bath her as well instead of using soap.dont use fabric softner on the baby’s clothes,and rinse them thouroughly.i hope ur LO gets well soon.

  22. Stacy R. says:

    My son had eczema for three months. Everything I tried didn’t work.
    Finally our NP said to try aquaphor after a bath and put wet to dry dressings on him. His eczema was gone in 8 hours. If you YouTube eczema and wet to dry dressing you can see how they perform it.

  23. Weird about the coconut oil. Our pediatrician told us not to use it because she felt it would make it worse. I had been rubbing it on him for about a week (we use coconut oil for everything here). And since we go to a Native American clinic (we are Native Am.) they usually support home remedies/alternative medicine over prescription so I thought it was odd about the coconut oil. My son has had eczema most winters since he was 2 and he is now 10. We use vaseline and any kind of heavy lotion like Eucerin or Aquaphor and those help. We use fragrance free soap and detergent. We do the oatmeal baths, too. Now that he is older I use the prescription cream the dr. prescribes. My son gets it only in the winter time but it comes like clock work. 🙁

  24. My 2 year old has had eczema on her feet for the last 6 months- it has been so bad that she literally takes the skin off her feet they are that irritable. I found a site that gave suggestions on how yo minimise irritation- the best tips we got and have worked for us are only bath/ shower in lukewarm warm water and for no longer than 10 mins. Also to shower or bath at least 2 hours before bed (this was when she was most irritated) and not to dry the area- instead lather in cream/ oil. Has worked miracles for us

    • The shorter baths were something that it took me awhile to figure out! I’m so happy to hear someone who has gotten through this and found a solution for their children!

  25. My 4yr old son has asthma and my 7month old boy has eczema. He was diagnosed at 4weeks he had it really bad on his face and one arm. Ive managed to clear up his face with the steroid cream but now his belly is covered and he keeps itching it too. Im going to try the coconut oil see if that helps. I had a feeling it might be connected to pollen as his nose runs and his face itches more during high pollen he often makes his forehead/eyelids bleed from scratching 🙁 just have to keep ontop of it everyday i use aveeno oat in thw bath for him seems to help.

  26. My daughter has had bad eczema since 3 months old. She is now nearly 3 and its better then it was but still has breakouts. Its been a massive learning curve for me. I use safe detergents, soaps, a chemical free house, when I bathe her I use oats in a sock then cover her in parafin oil. I used to use coconut oil but the allergist told me not to but I used to love coconut oil. I tried every eczema cream on the market. I tried aloe vera.most of her clothing is organic cotton but its so expensive so I slack a little in that area. I took her too the allergist and shes allergic to milk, egg, cats, dogs and mould, which is just about everywhere so everytime we go outside I have to cream her up and she has too have an air purifier in her room to take out airborne mould. The main thing that affects her eczema is diet. I eliminate eggs and milk for sure but she has a basic diet, most of the time. I try and make it as yummy as I can. I really hope she grows out of it. Its so horrible seeing her in so much pain. Thankyou for the tips. I think I may go back to my trusted coconut oil.

  27. IDA SHUPE says:

    I have developed this problem myself– been to doctors and taking medicine for it.
    it is mostly on my arms— and itch till my skin almost bleeds.
    it is really bad at times,
    thanks for info. about Noxzema and vasaline

  28. Stephanie says:

    Very interesting comments. My son who is 4 suffers from eczema and we can’t seem to get it completely cleared, he still has it mainly on his legs and the tops of his feet so we r going to try some of these remedies and hope it works. We have had him to doctors and had all kinds of creams prescribed and also tried a lot of over the counter ones also but didn’t seem to help so hoping something I read here works.

  29. look into inflammatory foods or anti-inflammatory foods… These have been know to assist with everything from asthma, arthritis and skin disorders… There are also tips for balancing one with the other.

  30. Well- I don’t reply much to random posts, but thought this one was interesting. My daughter suffered terribly with eczema for years. We tried everything and religiously used all free and clear (recommended by a dermatologist.) Finally took her to an allergist and it turned out she was allergic to coconut, a key ingredient for all free and clear. Switched to Tide He (no coconut) and got some relief. Main tip for eczema relief- be careful of a secondary fungal infection in the rash. If they are scratching a lot, fungal infections can set in. If the fungal infection is not cleared up properly, the eczema rash cannot heal.

  31. we have stated mixing a drop out two of Young Living Essential Copaiba Oil with the coconut oil we apply and it’s amazing how well it works!! It dries the rash right up and stops the itching almost instantly…

  32. Michelle tincher says:

    in a bowl 2 cups of Crisco grease regular not butter flavored 1 tube of cortisone 1% generic is fine whip that together with a fork. Apply at night except on the face cover area with light clothing if possible best time to apply is before bedtime do not apply before child goes outside into Sun. keep away from eyes. you will notice healing within 2 to 3 days it does not burn it will not irritate and the cortisone helps with the itching. you can also add some olive oil to the mix a couple tablespoons would be sufficient and the two oils together work hand in hand and keeping moisture in the skin allowing the skin to heal.

  33. Limiting salt and acidic foods, chocolate. Helped eliminate breakouts to sooth and repair skin Crisco shortening yep the white stuff. Cures chapped lips and hands in the winter too.

  34. Courtney says:

    hi all! Thanks for the great post! My oldest suffered from eczema and we ended up having to do bleach baths, allergy testing, etc. He is now 8 and has thankfully outgrown it. However, now we have a 6mo foster baby and she has broken out severely in a rash, raised bumps. We have been to urgent care several times, her doc several times, and a dermatologist. All have given us different diagnoses and different creams to try. Currently she is on desonide and elidel. Although it has helped, it is no clearing it up completely. I’m just at a loss of what else to try. Or what could be causing it. She is only on formula and just starting solid foods. The rash was definitely present before starting solids so I don’t think it’s the fruit/veggies. Any ideas or what else we could do/eliminate?

    • I breastfed all of my children, so I am admittedly ignorant when it comes to formula, but if it has dairy in it or gluten, it could still be the culprit!

  35. Kristi Williams says:

    I came across this post on Facebook. My son is 2 1/2 and he has been dealing with eczema pretty much since he was born. I have recently found 2 things that I absolutely love and they work! Avon makes a cream called derma soothing that is for eczema prone skin. It’s the texture of an ointment without being to greasy. They also make it in the body wash. That’s all I bathe him in now. After a few uses it completely eliminated all of his little rough and bumpy patches. But, I was still having a little trouble getting rid of it on his knees where it’s always been the worst. Him playing on the floor and being on the carpet kept his poor little knees so rough and irritated. I found this cream by neosporin called eczema essentials. It’s has completely cleared up the places on his knees. His skin is now the smoothest it’s been since he was a newborn.

  36. Courtney have you tried soy formula? And also thanks for all the tips. My son is 18 and had flares ups like all of you describe. I. Thought it may be a heat rash cause it only happens when it’s hot/ he gets hot and sweaty. But treating it as a heat rash has not worked so it must be something to do with pollen and milk. He drinks Alot of milk. It did flare up in the winter but only during football season. He is covered with it right now. All across his chest. Inside of his arms. His arm pits. His legs. I will definitely try all the tips till I find what works. If anyone has any other ideas please please comment. I know he is not alittle baby, but he will always be my baby lol. I pray all of yalls little ones get better soon. Also I wasn’t looking for I formation of stuff to try when I ran across this on facebook, so thank you dusty shell for sharing. And thanks to everyone else for sharing your tips too.

  37. We have a granddaughter who is covered with eczema. We found that she cannot have any food that has a soy product in it and no milk. Her food is basically all natural fresh foods. She still has
    problems even though this is all taken way from her. Our next step is to have her skinned tested at a specialist. What a bummer.
    Courtney – we found that when Evie was on soy formula her eczema was horrendous. Maybe you should change her formula that does not have milk or soy in it. It’s out there we just found out about it
    when Evie was done using formula.

  38. My poor babies had eczema so bad that their doctor-prescribed medicine wouldn’t even work. I used to use Johnson’s lotions and soaps seeing as that they are pediatrician recommended, tear-free, and marketed as ‘gentle on baby’s skin’. Then I noticed all the alcohol, fragrances, and dyes in the ingredients. I decided to opt for something more natural. Fragrance free definitely works! I started using something called ‘SheaMoiture’ lotions and soaps found in the baby isle. I saw immediate improvement. You have to be careful, though, because it’s not tear-free. It does have a little bit of a masculine smell, due to the lack of added fragrances, the natural ingredients are a bit strong-smelling. But I could overlook using that on my little girl, if I used a kid-friendly de-tangler in her hair after the bath, it covered the scent right up. I used to use All free-and clear as well, but through research, I’ve found that it is somewhat carcinogenic but rates with very high concern for risks on developmental and reproductive health (which these types of harmful ingredients aren’t required to be listed in the ingredients, due to ‘trade secrets’ on ANY of the products that we use, including shampoos, soaps and make-ups!). All is rated ‘F’ according to the Environmental Working Group. I’ve also started using all natural detergent. I’ve found Seventh Generation to work best for my little ones. All natural is the way to go for anything that you use for your babies.

  39. Has anyone try Emu oil. Helped my nephew in his eczema. Speedy recovery to all

  40. My son is eight months old. I’m a first-time mom and to be honest I’m terrified. My son has severe eczema and scratches every day. I have tried almost every thing, and NOTHING works! I don’t know what else I can do. He is such a happy boy… Except the ezcema. It’s gotten to the point where I have to give him a bath twice a day one with soap and one without. He eats like a champ baby food and formula he’s a great kid and I feel awful that as his mommy I can’t do anything to help him with the skin problem. I’m hoping to come saw a dermatologist soon but if there’s anything anybody has for advice about what I could do or use please private message me

    • I would definitely stop bathing him so frequently. Baths most of the time actually make breakouts worse. When my little guy is in the midst of a bad flare, I only bathe him once during the week with light swabbings with a damp cloth if he needs it before then. Is he formula fed? He may need a dairy free formula. If he is breastfed, then I’d try eliminating dairy and wheat from your diet.

      • I agree….definately cut down bathing- worked amazing for us. My little one is only showered/ bathed once a day in lukewarm warm water and for no longer than 10 mins. We do not dry off her eczema areas on getting out but lather her in fatty cream- has been a real changer for us. Hope this helps ☺

  41. Hi Dusty! I haven’t read all of the comments so I am sorry if I am repeating anything but my son also used to have very bad eczema. An allergist told us that a large majority of young kids with eczema actually have an egg allergy. Kids often outgrow egg allergies pretty quick (maybe by the time they are 5…I can’t remember exactly what age he gave us, but that seems to fit what you said about your children). Sure enough when we had him tested for allergies he was allergic to eggs! Since avoiding most eggs his eczema has been almost non-existent (we haven’t avoided baked products at all and in the winter when we all have dry skin he has minimal eczema on his legs). I’d say he is at least 90% better. Anyhow, I just thought I would throw it out there in case your son hadn’t been tested for an egg allergy. I have done some research online since and what he said doesn’t seem entirely accurate, but it does seem that a few foods allergies can definitely make eczema worse if not cause it…and it seems to fit with what you said about them outgrowing the eczema. My son has since started eating some scrambled eggs again (he is still only 2) and so far we haven’t had any terrible eczema re-occurrence 🙂

    • That’s definitely interesting! My youngest (the one that prompted this post) actually never eats eggs unless they are in something that is baked (muffins, etc.). It is something for me to keep watch over to see if there is a correlation! Thank you!

  42. Adrienne CT says:

    Thanks for this post! I saw this on facebook and this picture is how I put together that my son had an eczema breakout on his back. I was freaking out bc I didn’t know what it was. It cleared up after a few days and by the time we got to his doc it was gone. We used benadryl and Aveeno lotion. The redness decreased and the itching a bit but the puffiness didn’t go down. It came with the crazy pollen and increased playing time outside. He is 5. I’m glad I know what it is now and have helpful ways to sooth him if it happens again. The pollen seems to be calming down but it gave us a rough few weeks! I learned he has allergies and eczema, two things I have no experience with. So post like these are so helpful! Thank you! And I am going back to my free and clear detergent, I didnt know that could cause a breakout too.

  43. LaDawn Carter says:

    My son has had eczema since birth. His doctor told me to rub him down with Aquafor every night after his bath. I’ve done that every night (he is now six) as the doctor ordered, it keeps his skin soft and free of flare ups.

  44. My youngest had severe eczem starting at 4 months. It was a very dark time for me because of her misery and lack of sleep. I have found giving her two 20 minutes baths with plain water a day followed by creaming up (we use vanicream, cheapest on within 3 minutes of leaving the bath helps to maintain her skin and keep it well moisturized. The National Jewish Hospital in Denver which has a specialized in eczema program recommends longer baths for putting moisture back into the skin. I Also rinse and recream if we are outside for a long period of time or if it’s hot outside to wash away sweat and other allergens. There are also some other things that have helped but the baths were key for us.

  45. Our pediatrician contacted a dermatologist friend when my now 17 year old was a baby. She did not tolerate the prescription lotions and creams they burned her skin. Olive oil was recommended by the dermatologist. It really helped. She still uses olive oil when she has an outbreak, which is very infrequent.

  46. My poor lil guy had from being an infant into toddler til about 4 years old as well. Fortunately he has almost completely grown out of it. I found that Aquaphor was the best for clearing ut up and fast. It’s pretty expensive but we’ll worth his comfort and it only took a little bit of the ointment to make the biggest changes. Also it appeared that playing on the ground in grass made his worse so sadly his outdoor play was limited.

  47. Try Totally Toddler brand of detergents (Toys R Us was the only place I ever found it). It gets out stains and never irritated my youngest ‘ s skin. We ended up at the Dr when he was 7 months old b/c the daycare thought he was contagious. (Funny his big brother shared a bath with him & didn’t get it). The Dr . had me get a compounded med of 2.5% hydrocortisone with aquaphor. Magic. I could only use it for up to a week because it was so strong and would seal up his little pores. But I didn’t have too. Only a day or two and it cleared right up. We keep it around now for any itchy thing. We’re all affected by mosquitoes (giant whelp for tiny bites), and it takes the itch out almost immediately. Not a natural remedy, but the oatmeal baths and essential oils seemed only to treat the symptoms – it just kept coming back after a bit of soothing. The rx got rid of it. Head to toe.

  48. I would also add to that list apply a thick creamy non scented lotion within two minutes of getting out of the bath. My son has suffered so much with this and I do all the things you had listed. His Dr stressed to me to get the lotion on right after the bath even if he wasn’t completely dry just to lock in moisture. But all free and clear is our best friend.

  49. My son had terrible eczema despite the elimination of dietary allergens and natural, unscented soaps/detergents until we eliminated the hypoallergenic body wash we were using. I started using only a Norwex baby cloth on his skin, and with two days his eczema was 90% gone. I was absolutely amazed! I started using the body cloth for myself as well, and my skin became healthier quickly as well. It makes you wonder what is really in these hypoallergenic, all-natural, for sensitive skin products.

  50. This has been my world since right after my 17 month old’s first bath. We have used a lot of essential oils along the way trying to give her relief as everything the dermatologist recommended was basically torturing her. With aquaphor, she was up screaming and crying every 30 minutes all night long. She screamed bloody murder after the bleach bath. I never expected this road. I am thankful for the essential oils, olive oil (she’s reacting to coconut oil…boo:( ) and aloe from live aloe plants and lots of prayer!

    The one thing that has saved her skin along the way are mitts called Scratch Me Not. They are amazing! And I got them off amazon. They have all the way up to 4t or 5t and they are worth every penny. They have given my lo freedom to play and sleep better. Even when the itches attack, she rarely breaks the skin bc of the extra protection from the mitts.

  51. One of the best things I did was to get rid of scented fabric sheets for the dryer and I started using scent free wooly dryer balls. No scent, no static cling and keeps clothes wrinkle free.

  52. My daughter is almost 2 and noticed she started breaking out in a rash on her hands. It soon spread to her face. Her doctor said it was eczema. I panicked and went full on crazy with cleaning, vacuum, washing bed sheets, using air purifier. Things are ok for a few days but it always comes back. Mostly on her face. Seems to happen at night when in bed because she wakes up with rash on her face. I washed her bedsheets in dreft Detergent to see if that helps. Not sure what is causing her breakouts, maybe her bedsheets are not soft enough? ? I’m using cotton sheets but they dont feel very smooth not sure if that is causing her rash. Not sure what else to do. Can someone help? I’m about to lose my mind

    • Eczema isn’t caused by something being dirty, usually. It can be related to things put on the skin though—lotions, detergents, soaps, etc. Or it can be caused by an allergen–pet hair, pollen. Sometimes it can even be diet related.

      You said it’s on her face—does she drool in her sleep and maybe lying on a wet pillowcase, causing irritation?

      • Thank you for replying. I took her to her doctor a second time and they did a blood allergy test. She had a slight allergy to cows milk but it was very mild. Took her off milk for about two weeks and it seems to have helped. Seems like her allergies are environmental. I also changed her detergent. I started using All Free and Clear. I also changed her shampoo, body wash. I’ve been using Aquaphor and Aveno lotion. It has helped a lot! I have realized her eczema is triggered by heat. If shes active running around playing and gets too hot, her rash appears. But once she stops and cools off it goes away. If I see she is getting a rash I apply lotion to it and it seems to help. She has been a lot better now, has not had bad breakout in a few weeks. I hope she outgrows it.

    • Liz, I’ve read that Dreft can actually be one of the worst detergents. It may be better to try any detergent that says free and clear, like the All – free and clear detergent in the original post. Is her room really warm? Maybe she is sweating a little and that is causing irritation on her face. Just a couple thoughts, hope you figure out what triggering it! 🙂

      • I have changed her detergent I am using All-Free and Clear. It has been really cold in my room but she sweats anyway so I think that causes her irritation. She had an allergy test done and it came back good other than having a slight allergy to cows milk. The doctor didn’t seem to concern about it. Seems like heat/sweat are triggering it. thank you for your reply

  53. My granddaughter has struggled with eczema for 17 years. We also tried everything and she still has breakouts pretty often. When my newest granddaughter was born she was also struggling with it. We have read, studied, and tried so many products. But lucky for us I happened on an article that said that the main trigger for the breakouts isn’t the fragrance, although that contributes, it is the detergent itself. We switched to Dr Bonner’s Magic Soaps (which are detergent free) and it has helped more than anything we have tried before. We add white vinegar to the rinse cycle which I think helps fully rinse. Best thing yet. Couple that with organic coconut oil and hopefully you will have as good of results as we have. The 17 year old still has occasional breakouts but she uses tons of perfumes and perfumed lotions but it is still better for her than it was before. Baby has completely cleared.

  54. I have a almost 3 yr old son with eczema. We found out about his eczema at 6 months of age. He was tested for allergy and found out that he is allergic to eggs, nuts, milk, soy and wheat – a week after I stopped breastfeeding :(. He is still suffering with severe breakouts on his elbows, knees and shin. It almost looks like boils (size of a quarter). We have tried everything from giving antibiotics, different types of baths, mosturizers and avoiding allergents. I am going to try the coconut oil next which I haven’t tried yet. Any other suggestions definitely will help us. I am very desperate as both of us don’t get much sleep at night due to the itching and bleeding skin.

  55. My 19 month old son breaks out in eczema but it seems to be only in the winter, I’m guessing the dry air. He had it last year also when he was still only a few months old but I assumed it was sensitive baby skin. When it came back this year I knew it was eczema. I use a combination of coconut oil, Aveeno eczema cream, and the Honest company lotion. I also rub baby oil on his skin in the bath, either combine it with the soap (I use Aveeno and Eucerin “soap”) or I will rub it right on his skin. My doctor gave us Hydrocerin (?) cream also that is wonderful. I have never heard of the dairy or wheat causing the breakouts. How can you take a toddler off dairy? Whole milk is the one of the main things he eats/drinks because of the fats, calcium, and protein. Wheat would be easier but still difficult with him, he loves english muffins!

  56. Just went to the best Derm in Michigan….Here is what they says; No peanut butter or eggs. No lotions or creams. No scented anything. Bleach baths! Now my son is three so not sure if this is good for everybody so check with your doctor. My son takes a bleach bath two times a week. If the tub is half full you use 1/4 cup bleach. Mix around well. Let your child soak for 5-10 minutes. Followed by a pat dry and sunflower oil applied all over his body. He said when your child scratches and scratches his skin they are welcoming bacteria onto his ouchies. The bleach bath kills the bacteria which will promote healing. We got a script for a corticosteroid which we use sparigly and only for flare ups on his hot spot areas (back of knees and arm bends) and for aquafor with the corticosteroid mixed in which we use if areas get dry. My son doesnt like the thickness of this one compared to the sunflower oil, so we use sunflower the most. In the summer letting your kids in and out of pool is not good. Let them swim then dry off and be done. Winter wear cotton breathable and dont load up on covers, think breathable. He said eczema is your body freaking out about something else and that what you see on the skin is because something else is going on. He said usually leaking gut syndrome. Good Luck!

  57. My guy is 17 months old and has suffered with severe eczema within in a few months of his birth. The ACV is new for us, but it is making him itch even more.. Is it normal to be this itchy and how often should I use this? Not sure if I should give up already. We have exhausted so many options.

  58. nancy agustin says:

    I just recently went to the doctor and my doctor said my 4month old baby had baby eczema on his face. I’m still trying to understand because no body in my family has ever had it and no body in his family either. Is it something that always comes back? Also his grandma is always mad at baby’s dad because he puts baby face against his bare shoulder and she said that can irritate his skin because of the oils in our skin, does that really happen?

    • Babies have ultra sensitive skin and so they can sometimes react to things that others wouldn’t. Also, eczema can sometimes be a sign of food allergies, particularly gluten and dairy. My older three children all out grew their eczema when they were older toddlers, so it doesn’t always come back. 🙂

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