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Alliteration is so much fun. Kids seem to be drawn to it and it’s a great mental exercise to try to come up with long sentences that all begin with the same letter. I love to read books to the kids that use this literary device because they often get a case of the giggles if it causes me to get my tongue tied.

A recent fun book that we’ve added to our shelves that uses alliteration is Sally and Dave: A Slug Story by Felice Arena.


This story is about two slugs who are complete opposites. Sally is simply sensational at sports like swimming and skateboarding. Dave loves to lie around and bask in the stillness. When Sally is mean to Dave one day, calling him a name, Dave rethinks his life. Through a harrowing adventure, they both come to realize that even though they are very different, they are both still very special.

This is a short, sweet book that kids will love. You can even try to read it in a funny voice or as fast as you can while trying not to stumble over your words. Just some great fun, all around!

Since this book is so heavy on alliterations, I decided to whip up some fun alliteration mad libs printables for my two older children to enjoy.

FREE Alliteration Mad Libs


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  1. Suzanne Rajendra says:

    Thank you Dusty!

    I am a catechist of 7-year olds and I was looking for an activity for the parable of the precious pearl.
    Came across your lovely site, and found it!
    Thank you so much!


  2. I can’t figure out how to get your printables? I click on the pic and just the pic shows up.

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