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On a recent trip to the library, we found this funny little alphabet book on the shelf display. As I flipped through the pages, I knew my children would love it. Word play always seems to capture their attention and give them something interesting to talk about after reading the story, so I added it to our check out stack.

Take Away the A by Michael Escoffier is a cute alphabet (or alphabeast) book that plays around with removing letters from a word to make new ones.

My kids really loved guessing what the next new word would be as we worked our way through the alphabet. For instance for the letter G says, “Without the G, Glove falls in love.” The illustrations are very imaginative and fun as well. This book is a new favorite and I’m positive that we’ll be checking it out again.

To accompany this book, I created some Take Away ABCs handwriting practice pages. Each page features two words per line. One word with a letter in alphabetical order, and the next without it to form a new word. Many of the words are selections from the book while others are new!

FREE Handwriting Practice Pages


At the end, there is the entire alphabet in upper and lowercase for more practice with letter formation. To get your copy, enter your email below:

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