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There is a time and place for proper behavior and then there’s a time to get wild.  Children are often in the mood to run, shout, and cause all sorts of ruckus no matter their surroundings, so it must be an intentional decision by parents to teach them proper behavior. Manners are very important to anyone who wants to operate in society without difficulty. The base of this, in my opinion, is awareness of those around  you. We don’t cough without covering our mouths because we could spread our germs to others. We don’t screech like monkeys in any place because the loudness may disturb someone else. We share because it makes others feel good and helps us make friends!

But sometimes, you just want to run free. 

In Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown we enter the very proper hometown of the title character. Everything is always just so. No one ever exhibits bad manners and no ever strays from proper behavior. Until one day when Mr. Tiger decides he wants to loosen up a bit.

This is a fun book to use to show children that while there is a time and place for proper manners, there’s also a time when it is perfectly okay to be yourself and run a little free.

To accompany today’s book in the 31 Days of Storybook Learning Series, I’ve created a free printable pack that explores why we should use good manners. The pack includes a matching card game and a color your own mini book.

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How do you teach your children their manners?

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  1. Great book! I think is awesome to use stories to teach children good behavior. I love the series!

  2. Corinne says:

    I was really looking forward to the book but I can’t download it. It says it couldn’t find the download link (see browser address bar) couldn’t be found in the wp_eStore database

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