FREE Reading BINGO Printables {Reading Logs for Children}

Reading is a staple in our home. We have so many books that our shelves are overflowing and you’ll always find several volumes stacked in random places or open books laying about on tables and chairs. It’s just a deeply interwoven part of our family fabric. This is why the book, Bears Don’t Read by Emma Chichester Clark has recently become one of my favorite titles.

In this sweet book, you meet a bear who is not like the other bears in the forest. He wants to experience the world outside of his own neighborhood. He wants to see what’s beyond the limitations of his small bear community.


When he finds a book lying on the forest floor one day, he suddenly realizes that the words on the page can broaden his horizons. But just how can a bear learn to read??

This is truly a book that I believe will become a classic and is a fantastic way to share with children how important reading is to their lives.

One of my favorite parts of the book is this quote:

Before he slept he opened the book again and gazed at the words. Already he felt that the world was more interesting place.” 

To go along with this book, I’ve created some free printable reading logs for children. I thought I’d add a bit of pizazz to the standard “fill in the title” logs and made a BINGO game with suggestions of what sort of books your child can pick up to read. I’ve also included a list where they can fill in the info on the books they choose that fit the categories. I suggest coming up with small prizes for them to earn once they get five stars in a row or fill their cards completely.

FREE Printable Reading BINGO Cards

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  1. What a fun looking book..sigh.. I guess I need to add it to our overflowing bookshelf lol. This game looks fun too, pining and printing to use soon! Thank you!

  2. what fun

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