Playdough Color Mixing

Getting your hands nice and dirty is always fun when you’re a child. If something is squishy or mushy, even better!

Playdough Color Mixing

For this activity, we read a book that is a part of the Bear Snores On series that we’ve enjoyed for a long time, Bear Sees Colors by Karma Wilson.


In this story, Bear and his woodland friends explore all the fun colors that surround them in their forest home. Blueberries, red flowers, yellow sun, and brown bear! This is a great introduction to colors or just a fun read for preschool age children.


To expand on the idea of exploring colors, I decided to whip up some homemade playdough! I made three batches, one of each of the primary colors. I used three pots and had them all done in about ten minutes.



We’ve discussed mixing colors before, so this was not new information to my daughter. We LOVE playing  and learning with colors and experimenting in various ways. It’s just plain fun! I reviewed with her why red, blue, and yellow are called primary colors. 

Primary colors can be mixed together to make any other color. 


Next we broke up our three larger batches into smaller portions so that we could start mixing them. I let her choose two different colors.


Then she had fun smashing, squeezing, and rolling the two balls of playdough together over and over again until they had meshed together and formed a brand new color.


Once we had two colors mixed, she’d choose two more colors and we continued the process until we had made our very own playdough color wheel!


This entire activity didn’t cost me a dime since I had all the materials already on hand and she had fun for over an hour, mixing and molding the dough to make familiar and “new” colors.


For a free printable to accompany your playdough color mixing play, click the image below:




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