6 Surprising Video Games with Educational Value

Original photo by J. Castro

Original photo by J. Castro

A lot of parents fear that too much screen time will damage their children’s brains, look but many video games actually have a lot of benefit for developing brains. Today, sales I’m sharing with you some surprising video games with educational value- all part of a well-rounded STEM education.

6 Surprising Video Games with Educational Value


When Minecraft first came out a few years ago, many parents were not fans of the game. However, Minecraft is one of the best games for teaching a variety of educational skills to children. In Minecraft, children learn problem solving, resource management, building techniques, reflex skills, and can even learn basic programming techniques.

To date, Minecraft is one of the most educational “non-educational” games.

League of Legends

My husband and daughter play the more brutal version of this tower defense game (Heroes of New Earth), but League of Legends is more child-friendly.

League of Legends and other real-time, user-controlled tower defense games develop the brain unlike almost any other game. One study found that when elderly study participants played a similar game for a few weeks, their mental capacity, reflexes, and memory.


Tetris is more than a time waster. It is one of the few games that helps children develop spatial reasoning. Just make sure the kids play with the shadow box turned off. That’s cheating.

Just Dance

A game about dancing doesn’t seem educational, but learning to move the body correctly can help children develop their minds faster. Recent studies have indicated that today’s lack of movement in young children may actually be harming their mental development. Outdoor play is obviously still best, but a little extra constructive movement indoors can’t hurt.

Super Smash Bros.

I have four younger siblings, and Super Smash Bros. was their game growing up. I think the main reason they started playing it was because it was one of the few games that all four of them could play at once.

The biggest benefit to this game is that it develops reflexes, quick thinking, strategy, and teamwork.

LEGO Games

The LEGO games are not only adorable and fun, but they also provide educational value. LEGO games often require teamwork between the players and have various problem solutions that only one certain character can do. This forces children to find the best solution to a problem using the perfect tool.

This is a skill that is useful throughout life. In multi-player, teamwork is also developed.

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What are your kids’ favorite video games?

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