Memorial Day Lesson Activities

  How does your family celebrate Memorial Day? Do you take a trip to the coast or a backyard barbecue with friends? Do you attend the parade downtown? Memorial Day is seen as the opening day for summer activities, but it has a historical significance that should not be missed amid the celebrations. These Memorial […]

Help Birds Build Their Nests

My children love to bird watch at their grandmother’s house. She has feeders in the yard, beside the patio, and attached to the windows with suction cups. Her backyard is a seed and suet smorgasbord! She has several species of birds, finches especially, that swoop in and out of her yard all day. At our home, […]

How to Customize Your Own Canvas Shoes

Give me a pair of slip-on shoes and you’ve got yourself one happy Mama. Better yet, slip on shoes for the whole family! (Who has time rip and stick velcro? Or even worse tie laces.) I have several pairs of canvas shoes and I wear them any time the temperature is above 40 degrees. If I […]

“Where the Wild Things Are” Inspired Painted Canvas

My littlest one loves to read “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak. We’ve been reading it together for years so that now she can recite whole pages to me. (My heart grows three sizes when I hear her say “rashed their terrible teeth”.) In order to bring a little of Max and the […]

From Trash to Treasure-How to Upcycle Your Leftover Christmas Wrapping Paper

The days pass so slowly, dragging like a child who claims she isn’t sleepy, until finally Christmas morning arrives. Some children barely sleep, pouncing on parents in the wee hours of the morning. Others make it until sunrise before sneaking in to see if presents have appeared overnight. Thankfully, my children wait until the “sun […]

DIY Pirate Vest Tutorial

Yo ho ho! Do you have a boy or girl in your house who loves to say “Arr”? My girls love to read about pirates and walk around with their fingers crooked like hooks but in a house full of sparkles and fairies I don’t have many excuses to make pirate clothes. A friend of […]

DIY Elfin Baby Booties

I am a pediatric nurse by day, wanna-be-seamstress by night. Our local Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) has a drive each year for donated hats, socks, booties, and other homemade wearables that they can use to keep teeny babes warm. If you have ever had a child stay in a hospital short- or long-term, you know […]