How To Plan The Best Easter Egg Hunt

  Planning an Easter egg hunt this year? If you want to make sure your Easter egg hunt is totally awesome and unforgettable follow these simple tips below. Try something new and different! Instead of the typical daytime Easter egg hunt try something extra fun like a night time hunt with glow in the dark […]

Simple Steps for Gluten Free Eating

Several years ago our daughter was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease an auto-immune disease that affects the thyroid. We were not on board with pumping her full of medication so we began to look for alternatives that could ease her symptoms without opening the medicine cabinet. One suggestion that seemed to be on every board, Facebook group, […]

Preparing Your Family for the Holiday Season

With the seemingly insurmountable pressures placed on families during this time of year, order many of us might feel we lack the spiritual foundation or the knowledge to chart a clear-cut course to keep our family grounded this holiday season. We might even question whether we are equipped to nurture our children’s souls or if […]

Homemade Non-Toxic Cleaners

  There are a lot of great reasons why should make your own household cleaners. One of my favorites is it allows me to get our kids involved in the daily cleaning and with the holidays around the corner, I can use all the help I can get.  I have also read a ton of […]