6 Surprising Video Games with Educational Value

A lot of parents fear that too much screen time will damage their children’s brains, look but many video games actually have a lot of benefit for developing brains. Today, sales I’m sharing with you some surprising video games with educational value- all part of a well-rounded STEM education. 6 Surprising Video Games with Educational […]

14 Summer Science Experiments for Kids

This summer, tadalafil it’s all about STEM activities for kids at our house. We’re diving into fun engineering, technology, math, and science projects while we have off from traditional school.   Science is our favorite STEM activity, so we are always looking for new science projects to do that aren’t too difficult. If you want […]

Science Supplies to Have on Hand (To Keep Those Kids Learning!)

We are big fans of STEM activities for kids at our house. You will always find my girls up to some fun STEM activity. At nearly 9, for sale Monkey is a STEM fiend. Once, medicine she even decided to invent skates for her doll. She has a creative and inventive mind, which we love […]

8+ Outdoor Spring Science Experiments

Now that winter is finally behind us, it’s time to jump headlong into spring! Here in Texas where I live, April and May are the perfect months to get out in the sunshine before it gets too hot during the summer months. We are big fans of STEM activities for kids. We love all STEM […]

10+ Clever Ways to Teach Math

I love homeschooling, prostate but sometimes, we get burned out. Most recently, we’ve been stuck in a math rut. Our kids are bored with simple textbook math and want something a little more fun. Luckily, these days finding some fun math activities and ways to make learning fun online is easy! These are some super-fun, […]

How to Make Spring Arrive Early in Your Homeschool

With the end of winter just around the corner- yet so, sales so far away; it is easy to feel frustrated and blue. At this time of year, symptoms we often find ourselves in a school funk/slump. We are bored of everything, abortion are snippy at each other, and can’t find anything to make school […]

5 Fun Ways to Cure Second Semester Burnout

Now that the holiday season is over, see it’s back to the daily grind for most of us. I don’t know if it is the dreary weather in January or the inevitable sugar slump after all the candy is devoured, order but I always feel a little gloomy returning to school for the second semester. […]

Last Minute Educational Gifts (that are still fun)

I love the holiday season, price but one part that I dread is the numerous little cluttery toys that the children get this time of year from friends and family. I am happy that people love giving my children gifts, but we live in a small house. Every new toy that comes in displaces another. […]

6 Tips to Stay Sane During the Holiday Season

  Some of my favorite times of the year are Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love the cooler weather, abortion the delicious food, advice the time spent with family, viagra 60mg and everything pumpkin and peppermint flavored. However as a busy mom, I also find this time of year somewhat overwhelming. Creating the “perfect” holiday is […]