6 Ways to Explore Your Community

It’s May which means it’s the perfect time to get out and take a field trip around your community! Spring is one of my favorite times to take walking field trips. We’re lucky enough to live in our downtown area which makes it very easy to walk to various places in our community. Even if […]

Zoo Report Writing Printables

Oh, thank goodness spring is here!  We’re all finished with the cold, icy weather and ready to get out and enjoy some outside fun!  Every spring the kids and I go with our local MOMS club to the zoo.  This year I created a literature packet to tie into our field trip.  That’s what homeschooling […]

6 Ways to Take Your Homeschool Classroom Outside

March can be a long month when you’re homeschooling.  The days begin to beckon to us with the promise of spring.  The days are growing longer and the breeze blows a little warmer.  Here are 6 ways to take your homeschool classroom outside and to enjoy the sweetness of the season.   1.  Go Bird Watching  Spring is […]

Alaskan Craft Activities

This winter the kids and I have been studying a lot about Alaska.  These activities have been a great way to learn about this Arctic state.  They’re designed for PreK and Kindergarten, but my second grader had fun with them too.   Construction Paper Eskimos We’ve learned a lot about the Inuit tribes.  Here is […]

FREE “Mama, Do You Love Me?” Literature Pack

With winter upon us, my kiddos and I are setting the mood by studying about the Arctic region.  Since I don’t follow a curriculum, I follow the lead of some of my favorite bloggers and create literature packets to go along with children’s books.  I like doing this because it keeps all of our lessons connected, keeps the […]

Art Education For Young Learners

If you ask any public school child what they did in school today, you are unlikely to hear them say, “I made a really creative piece in art today!” With so much emphasis being placed on math and reading, art education is getting pushed to the back burner. Never mind that art fosters problem solving […]