Modern Women and Biblical Submission

Submission is such a dirty word in today’s society, isn’t it? It can bring to mind many negative connotations: slave, doormat, weak, inferior. The truth is that these associations came from society not the Bible.  As Christian women, we need to ensure that we can discern biblical truth from societal deception. Let’s look at what biblical […]

Reading with Babies: Integrating Play with Books!

I believe it to be important to start reading to your children from birth. Babies absorb so much from the world around them and books provide fantastic exposure to language, tone, and more. When I had my first child, I desperately wanted to be sure that I did my best to instill a love of reading […]

Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies-A Family Adventure You Won’t Forget!

Last month we took our first family vacation ever. Sure, we’ve visited family that lives far away before, but we’ve never been able to just take a week and go somewhere super fun and do nothing but have a blast. We chose to visit Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, TN. There were so many things to […]

FREE Alliteration Mad Libs Printables

Alliteration is so much fun. Kids seem to be drawn to it and it’s a great mental exercise to try to come up with long sentences that all begin with the same letter. I love to read books to the kids that use this literary device because they often get a case of the giggles […]

Seed Mosaic Canvas Art

Two of the reasons that our homeschool style has such heavy Charlotte Mason leanings are literature and nature study. I love to use quality books to enhance our lessons and to get my kids outdoors and exploring the world around them. These are two of the biggest blessings that homeschooling has offered our family. I […]

FREE Handwriting Practice Pages

On a recent trip to the library, we found this funny little alphabet book on the shelf display. As I flipped through the pages, I knew my children would love it. Word play always seems to capture their attention and give them something interesting to talk about after reading the story, so I added it […]

FREE Reading BINGO Printables {Reading Logs for Children}

Reading is a staple in our home. We have so many books that our shelves are overflowing and you’ll always find several volumes stacked in random places or open books laying about on tables and chairs. It’s just a deeply interwoven part of our family fabric. This is why the book, Bears Don’t Read by […]

Playdough Color Mixing

Getting your hands nice and dirty is always fun when you’re a child. If something is squishy or mushy, even better! For this activity, we read a book that is a part of the Bear Snores On series that we’ve enjoyed for a long time, Bear Sees Colors by Karma Wilson.   In this story, Bear […]

DIY Rainforest Terrarium

Since we are in the South, we are experiencing our normal, humid heat waves throughout the summer months. They will last well into the fall and they can often be oppressive. One day recently while talking with the children about why it was so hot and other parts of the world where it may be […]

P is for Pirates in the Ancient World

  Hello! My name is Christy, and I am obsessed with pirates. I’m working on writing a book that teaches world history through a focus on pirates. My book will be dealing with history from 1500 – 1800 AD., but many of the issues that comes up in reading about pirates in that early modern […]