P is for Pirates in the Ancient World

  Hello! My name is Christy, and I am obsessed with pirates. I’m working on writing a book that teaches world history through a focus on pirates. My book will be dealing with history from 1500 – 1800 AD., but many of the issues that comes up in reading about pirates in that early modern […]

FREE Manners Printable Pack

There is a time and place for proper behavior and then there’s a time to get wild.  Children are often in the mood to run, shout, and cause all sorts of ruckus no matter their surroundings, so it must be an intentional decision by parents to teach them proper behavior. Manners are very important to anyone […]

FREE Feelings Printables {15 Pages!}

Children are full of feelings. One moment they are bouncing off the walls with excitement and joy while the next they struggle with reigning in big strong feelings of frustration. Teaching them to not only recognize what they are feeling, but also to express them in appropriate ways is a big job for parents. For […]

FREE Forest Animals Coloring Pages

It’s time for Poppins Book Nook! This virtual monthly book club showcases great books for children and activities to accompany them. This month’s theme was Forests/Woods! This month, I used a super fun book that had us all giggling, A Tale of Two Beasts by Fiona Roberton. This book is the story of a little girl who […]

O is for Olympics in Ancient Times

This week’s letter for the ABC’s of Ancient History is O. When I think of the letter O, the first thing that pops in my mind is the Olympics. I am going to share some hands on activities as well as some fun resources to help make studying the Olympics in ancient times a memorable part of […]

FREE Printable Camping Journal

It’s officially summer and one of the quintessential activities that many families look forward to during this time of year is camping! Now, I must admit that trudging out to a secluded spot in the middle of the woods where the air conditioning is forgotten and the insects love to swarm is not this city […]

21 Ocean Themed Books and More for Kids

Summer is here! The weather is hot, the sunlight is long, fireflies glow, and vacations to the beach abound! In our homeschool, we generally continue schooling, but do lighter work and use unit studies. This time of year, one subject that is fun to take a deeper look at is ocean life. Since books are always […]

N is for Nubia: An Ancient African Kingdom

Hi everyone! I’m thrilled to participate in The ABCs of Ancient History here at To the Moon and Back! Today, I’ll be highlighting the letter N with “N is for Nubia”! What was Ancient Nubia? Ancient Nubia was an early African kingdom located in parts of modern-day Egypt and the Sudan. Historians are undecided about when […]

Why I Choose NOT to Teach My Young Children About Sex

I have a nine year old daughter on the cusp of puberty and a seven year old son who I’m sure isn’t far behind. I’ve found myself in the midst of several conversations lately about how I’m broaching the various topics that come along with this territory with my children. To my surprise, I’ve found […]

Toddlers and Eczema: 6 Tips for Healing Breakouts

A month or so ago, I started to notice that my toddler (nearly 21 months old) was beginning to get red splotchy dry patches on the insides of his elbows and on the backs of his knees. I sighed and realized that after several months of no issue, his eczema was rearing its ugly head. About […]