A God for All Seasons{Devotional Review and Giveaway}

Finding my own personal quiet time with the Lord is a constant struggle. With children always under foot, a toddler that wakes the moment I attempt to rise from the bed, and days that are so busy with daily tasks, homeschooling, keeping up with my two businesses, and other miscellaneous things, I often find myself […]

L is for Library of Alexandria

Ancient library, Alexandria, Egypt If you plan to study Ancient History the Library of Alexandria should be on your list. Read below a brief summary of the library and how it contributed to the world below. Library of Alexandria had the most extensive library of Classical antiquities. The Library of Alexandria (Egypt) is one of […]

K is for King Tutankhamen: Books About King Tut for Children

We have been using Biblioplan, Year One: Ancients for our history this past homeschool year. We’ve had such a great time really diving into each civilization that we will be continuing with it into our next year. Rabbit trails abound, and I want to really savor my children’s enthusiasm for their studies. One particular topic […]

Mix and Match Animal Game

It’s time for the Story Corner blog hop! This month’s theme was “Animals.” I have the most fun book for little ones for this month’s activity! “Muddle and Match: Jungle Animals” is an adorable board book for the younger set that features brief sentences full of fun alliteration about several animals. The thing that sets this book […]

10 Noah’s Ark Crafts and Activities

It’s time for Poppins Book Nook! This virtual monthly book club showcases great books for children and activities to accompany them. This month’s theme was Caldecott Medal Winners! Quality literature is becoming harder and harder to come by in a world that tends to dumb down reading material for our children. That’s why it’s a […]

J is for Jupiter, Roman God

Jupiter, Roman God Jupiter, in Roman mythology, the supreme god. He directed the course of human life, and revealed future events by producing omens in the heavens. Jupiter was identified with the Greek god Zeus, and many of the early stories about him correspond to those told of Zeus. The temple in Rome dedicated to all […]

I is for Isis, Egytian Mythology

ISIS Role: Goddess of motherhood, women, and magic; goddess of the South; protector of Imseti (the son of Horus who watched over the canopic jar containing the liver)   When her husband Osiris was killed and dismembered, Isis was seen as a dedicated wife by searching high and low for his remains. It was Isis who supposedly […]

H is for Honey Dates, Gustatio, and Bread! An Ancient Roman Feast for Kids!

How to make a kid friendly Ancient Roman Feast. Romans knew how to throw a party. Wealthy Romans threw lavish events that included entertainment and music. They ate reclining on couches. The food was amazing and included delicacies such as ostrich, dormice and flamingo. Kitchens in ancient Rome were small, crowded and hot. They cooked […]

G is for Greece{Ancient Greece Resource Round Up}

Streaming (subscriptions required) Netflix – Mystery Files:  Alexander the Great The 300 Sartans Hulu – Horrible Histories – Groovy Greeks Kid’s Animated History Episodes 5&6 Amazon Prime – New Dimension:  Ancient Greece New Dimension:  Ancient Athens Empires Season 7, Episode 1 Global Treasures Acropolis Athens, Greece Brain Pop – Democracy Video FREEBIES Teachers Pay Teachers […]

15 Delectable Red Velvet Recipes

Here in the South, red velvet cake graces the table of almost every potluck, family gathering, or event that you’ll attend. In essence, red velvet cake is just chocolate cake doused in red food coloring. The signature of a great red velvet cake, however, is the cream cheese frosting. Mmm…sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Below I’ve […]