Hair Brushing Tips (for the busy mom)

Picture this: You are running out the door after counting kids, cialis shoes, and snacks. You make sure everyone has clothes on and at least shoes in hand – if not on the feet. Grabbing a brush from the counter you start on the first head that gets close enough to run the brush through. […]

A Quick and Easy Way to Improve Cognitive Functioning

I have a quick and easy way to improve your cognitive functioning by ten percent! No, price I’m not going to sell you on a program. No, purchase I don’t have a magic formula. In fact, it’s free. I know a lot of you already do this, but do you make it important for your […]

Spring Fever! 5 Ways to Take Learning Outside

The weather warms and the sun comes out to play. Minds frequently wander out the window (and it’s not just the kids!). How in the world are you going to finish school when no one wants to do it? Take learning outside! But what about keeping their attention? Won’t they play instead of learn? HOLD […]

3 Things to Know About a Dream

The day my dream came true… My heart is in my throat. I’m a bundle of nerves. My dream… My dream is about to come true. My publisher called and wants to meet me at the warehouse. My book arrived. It feels like I should be in a ball gown with people following me around […]

When Your Curriculum Isn’t Working

It’s a new year. Time to reevaluate where your kids are academically and where they’re going in order to finish the year successfully. The new year traditionally is time for a fresh start. Sometimes you need a fresh start with your homeschool and with your curriculum too. How do you know when your curriculum isn’t […]

Four Festive Educational Activities with Jingle Bells

‘Tis the Season to jingle all the way! ‘Tis also the season to burn out in schooling. When the temperature drops and decorations come out, my motivation to teach drops right with the temperature! I love to decorate for the holidays, then all I want to do is sit and snuggle with a mug of […]

Beat the Back to Reality Blues: Tips for After a Vacation or Break

Waking up the first day back after a vacation or holiday almost brings a surreal feeling. Can you relate to the pile of laundry after a holiday? Or the suitcase still waiting to be unpacked? Are there unfinished projects due to crazy packing and the preparations that vacations and holidays entail? This is especially true […]

A Mother’s Pride vs. A Daughter’s Struggle: Coming to Terms with a Child’s Learning Disability

  I didn’t want to admit my daughter might struggle with a learning disability. I thought I could do it all. When I couldn’t, I dragged my feet in finding help and my defenses reached an all time high. I (wrongly) felt that her disability reflected on me as an inferior parent and teacher. When […]