Create Your Own Valentine Friend

We love Valentine’s Day at our house. We’re not into the huge commercial push per-se, but since pink & red happen to be the favorite colors of half the people in our home, we love crafting and creating with all the pink & red materials that are available around Valentine’s Day. (It’s very possible that […]

Free Snowflake Printable Activities for Preschool

Here I am again with another fun preschool pack! You loved the monster activity pack so much that I’ve made a new one for winter! These free snowflake printable activities for preschool are so much fun! In fact, we almost had a fight with the older kids today because they were begging to do the […]

5+ Gifts for Learning That Won’t Break the Bank

It seems like every year I fall into the same old rut of buying my kids more toys for Christmas even though I tell myself before I go shopping that they don’t This Christmas my husband and I are both on board to only get our kids gifts that can be considered educational. That doesn’t […]

FREE Silly Monster Games and Activities Printable Pack

We had some super silly activities during our homeschool time today. Sometimes you just need to have fun instead of doing ‘the usual.’ Instead of doing our regular math activities, we played with silly monsters. This was part of my mission to get my first grader excited about doing school (which she hates in general). […]