{FREE} Spring Count and Clip Cards

Spring is such a lovely season and to celebrate the start I have these gorgeous count and clip cards for you. Count and clip cards are so much fun and these {FREE} printable Spring Count and Clip Cards are just so cute.   I prefer to print out count and clip cards out on white cardstock […]

{FREE} Butterfly Game Cards

This month, and I have created some cute butterfly game cards for you. These cards can be used in many ways to help make learning fun! These fun butterfly game cards are great for the tots to preschool ages, seek though our older kids have used them, mainly for spelling practice. I suggest printing out […]

DIY Paper Doily Flowers

These paper doily flowers look so pretty and are very easy to create. They also make wonderful gifts for those special people in your life. To make these paper doily flowers, abortion you will need: Paper doilies – The white ones I used were 5” (12.5cm) and the red ones were 16cm Green pipe cleaners […]

Felt Australian Map

We live in Australia, check so I thought it would be good for our boys to learn more about out country. This felt map of Australia is a fun way to learn about the country ‘down under’. It is an easy craft, find which can be sewn or glued. Supplies: felt thread and needle or […]

DIY Christmas Baubles

These gorgeous DIY Christmas Baubles are made from just a piece of paper and a couple of brads or paper fasteners. They beautiful baubles can be used as decorations on the Christmas tree or when the string is taken off as decorations on the table. They are really easy to make and with so many wonderful […]

DIY Space Communicators

When exploring in space, ask astronauts need to be able to communicate to their space ships and each other. How do they do this? With space communicators of course! Supplies Needed: * a box around 10cm x 17cm or 4” x 7” * plastic bottle tops from items like milk * straw * pom pom […]