O is for Olympics in Ancient Times

This week’s letter for the ABC’s of Ancient History is O. When I think of the letter O, the first thing that pops in my mind is the Olympics. I am going to share some hands on activities as well as some fun resources to help make studying the Olympics in ancient times a memorable part of […]

N is for Nubia: An Ancient African Kingdom

Hi everyone! I’m thrilled to participate in The ABCs of Ancient History here at To the Moon and Back! Today, I’ll be highlighting the letter N with “N is for Nubia”! What was Ancient Nubia? Ancient Nubia was an early African kingdom located in parts of modern-day Egypt and the Sudan. Historians are undecided about when […]

L is for Library of Alexandria

Ancient library, Alexandria, Egypt If you plan to study Ancient History the Library of Alexandria should be on your list. Read below a brief summary of the library and how it contributed to the world below. Library of Alexandria had the most extensive library of Classical antiquities. The Library of Alexandria (Egypt) is one of […]

J is for Jupiter, Roman God

Jupiter, Roman God Jupiter, in Roman mythology, the supreme god. He directed the course of human life, and revealed future events by producing omens in the heavens. Jupiter was identified with the Greek god Zeus, and many of the early stories about him correspond to those told of Zeus. The temple in Rome dedicated to all […]

How to Double Crochet

Once you really get moving with crocheting, you’ll find that the smaller stitches just don’t get you to the finish line fast enough; thus, enter the Double Crochet. It is a very popular stitch found in lots of beginner type patterns, and it’s quite easy to do, so let’s take a look at how to […]

I is for Isis, Egytian Mythology

ISIS Role: Goddess of motherhood, women, and magic; goddess of the South; protector of Imseti (the son of Horus who watched over the canopic jar containing the liver)   When her husband Osiris was killed and dismembered, Isis was seen as a dedicated wife by searching high and low for his remains. It was Isis who supposedly […]

F is for Food from Ancient Times

One of our favorite parts of doing a year of world geography in our homeschool last year was making foods from each country that we “traveled” to in our lessons. We tried so many new things and while we didn’t exactly enjoy all of them, it was an adventure and fun just the same. While […]

E is for Egypt{Ancient Egypt Activities}

Ancient Egypt is such a fun time period to explore with young kids.  There are so many topics you can cover, allowing for lots of fun hands-on activities to be added into your studies.  From King Tut, to the pyramids, to the Nile River, to Moses, there are so many amazing people, places, and events […]

Crochet: Chain Circle and Magic Circle

When crocheting in straight lines gets too easy for you, it’s probably time to move onto patterns that work in rounds or circles. There are two main types of circles in the crochet world: the Chain Circle (not an official name, but what we’ll call it here) and the “Magic” Circle. Both of these can […]

D is for Drawing Words {Cuneiform Writing for Kids}

Back when my kids studied Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, there we learned about a really interesting form of writing called cuneiform. What makes it especially cool is how easy it is for kids to recreate it, stuff unlike some other forms of ancient writing (quill pens, patient anyone?). First a little background: In the mid-1700s […]