C is for Calendars from Ancient History

I am happy to be guest posting here today at Dusty’s site! Today my post is on an ancient calendar that we have learned a little about in our home recently. There are so many amazing calendars from ancient history that it was hard to choose what to focus on. We decided to learn more […]

B is for Books on Ancient History

No homeschool is complete without books, and ancient history happens to be my favorite portion of history to study. My five children range in ages ten to two; therefore we’ve come across some great books, and some not so great books. These happen to be our favorite, and most of these books onn ancient history […]

A is for Astronomy and the Bible

Thank you Dusty for inviting me to participate in your ABC’s of Ancient History Series here on To The Moon and Back. I am so excited to be here and share about astronomy and the bible! I love science! For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a scientist. I […]

Crochet: How to Single Crochet and Other Tips

In the last Crochet: A Beginner’s Guide post, we learned the very basics to start and end many patterns. We learned how to crochet a chain and slip stitch. In order to make crocheted fabric, we need to build upon a chain or a circle of some kind. So in this post, we are going […]

Z is for Zealous Elijah

Last but not least, sickness we are introducing the letter Z for Zealous Elijah in the ABC’s of Bible Study. In order to teach about Zealous Elijiah, medications I have created a free printable. By using this printable, children will learn what it means to be Zealous and why Elijiah was Zealous for God.  This printable is […]

Y is for Your Relationship with the Lord: Devotionals for Children

I can’t believe that next week will end the ABCs of Bible Study for Children series. It’s been fun for me to put together resource lists and printables to use to teach children God’s Word, and I’ve had the great pleasure of having several fabulous guest posters contributing as well. For this week’s installment, I […]

X is for Xerxes

Do you ever wish you could reach out and touch a piece of history? I almost had that opportunity once (I say “almost” because touching artifacts was strictly prohibited!). I was at a large art museum and stumbled into the gallery that displayed Near Eastern art. What my mind had failed to connect prior to […]

15 Easy Random Acts of Kindness for Kids

It’s time for the monthly Story Corner blog hop! Since February is the month of love, I thought that would be a great theme to focus on, even if Valentine’s Day is over. The book that we read was Cuddle Bear by Claire Freedman. This is an adorable story about a small bear who just […]

W is for Whale {FREE Jonah and the Whale Printable Emergent Reader!}

Oh, it feels like its been forever since I’ve put up a post for this series! I’ve missed it! Now that giveaway series and sicknesses are past, it’s time to dive back in and get these last few letters done! This week, I’m sharing resources to go along with the story of Jonah and the […]

Crochet: How to Chain and Slip Stitch

If you’ve been following along with my Crochet: A Beginner’s Guide series, I am sure you are more than ready to actually begin crocheting. So, let’s get hooking! A pattern will most often begin with a series of Chains or a circle and end with a Slip Stitch. We will learn the Chain and Slip […]