Seed Mosaic Canvas Art

Two of the reasons that our homeschool style has such heavy Charlotte Mason leanings are literature and nature study. I love to use quality books to enhance our lessons and to get my kids outdoors and exploring the world around them. These are two of the biggest blessings that homeschooling has offered our family. I […]

Playdough Color Mixing

Getting your hands nice and dirty is always fun when you’re a child. If something is squishy or mushy, even better! For this activity, we read a book that is a part of the Bear Snores On series that we’ve enjoyed for a long time, Bear Sees Colors by Karma Wilson.   In this story, Bear […]

DIY Rainforest Terrarium

Since we are in the South, we are experiencing our normal, humid heat waves throughout the summer months. They will last well into the fall and they can often be oppressive. One day recently while talking with the children about why it was so hot and other parts of the world where it may be […]

10 Noah’s Ark Crafts and Activities

It’s time for Poppins Book Nook! This virtual monthly book club showcases great books for children and activities to accompany them. This month’s theme was Caldecott Medal Winners! Quality literature is becoming harder and harder to come by in a world that tends to dumb down reading material for our children. That’s why it’s a […]

Memorial Day Lesson Activities

  How does your family celebrate Memorial Day? Do you take a trip to the coast or a backyard barbecue with friends? Do you attend the parade downtown? Memorial Day is seen as the opening day for summer activities, but it has a historical significance that should not be missed amid the celebrations. These Memorial […]

How to Double Crochet

Once you really get moving with crocheting, you’ll find that the smaller stitches just don’t get you to the finish line fast enough; thus, enter the Double Crochet. It is a very popular stitch found in lots of beginner type patterns, and it’s quite easy to do, so let’s take a look at how to […]

DIY Baseball Wall Art

We are right in the midst of baseball season in our home. Days are filled with scrubbing stains from the knees and backs of baseball pants, finding the one missing cleat, buying nachos from concession stands, and cheering on our oldest son (who scored his first run this week!). It’s just part of life every […]

Rainbow Soft Toddler Sensory Bin

Even though it took me awhile to jump on board with sensory bins, I’ve been quote enjoying making these for my younger children lately. They are fun, they help keep my toddler busy when I’m trying to homeschool my olders, and they are super easy to throw together with just things you likely have lying […]

Crochet: Chain Circle and Magic Circle

When crocheting in straight lines gets too easy for you, it’s probably time to move onto patterns that work in rounds or circles. There are two main types of circles in the crochet world: the Chain Circle (not an official name, but what we’ll call it here) and the “Magic” Circle. Both of these can […]

Help Birds Build Their Nests

My children love to bird watch at their grandmother’s house. She has feeders in the yard, beside the patio, and attached to the windows with suction cups. Her backyard is a seed and suet smorgasbord! She has several species of birds, finches especially, that swoop in and out of her yard all day. At our home, […]