Help Birds Build Their Nests

My children love to bird watch at their grandmother’s house. She has feeders in the yard, beside the patio, and attached to the windows with suction cups. Her backyard is a seed and suet smorgasbord! She has several species of birds, finches especially, that swoop in and out of her yard all day. At our home, […]

D is for Drawing Words {Cuneiform Writing for Kids}

Back when my kids studied Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, there we learned about a really interesting form of writing called cuneiform. What makes it especially cool is how easy it is for kids to recreate it, stuff unlike some other forms of ancient writing (quill pens, patient anyone?). First a little background: In the mid-1700s […]

C is for Calendars from Ancient History

I am happy to be guest posting here today at Dusty’s site! Today my post is on an ancient calendar that we have learned a little about in our home recently. There are so many amazing calendars from ancient history that it was hard to choose what to focus on. We decided to learn more […]

Yarn Wrapped Tornado Craft

It’s time for Poppins Book Nook! This virtual monthly book club showcases great books for children and activities to accompany them. This month’s theme was Weather! With the season changing, this is a perfect opportunity to take a look at our weather with children. You can study all sorts of topics from wind to rainbows. […]

Pipe Cleaner Pencil Topper Ants

So, I kind of love the Usborne Phonics Readers. They are short and sweet, but oh so fun, and my children love them too. Even my kids who are absolutely beyond this stage of reading enjoy paging through these little paperbacks and giggling at the character’s antics. For this month’s Story Corner, which had a […]

How To Plan The Best Easter Egg Hunt

  Planning an Easter egg hunt this year? If you want to make sure your Easter egg hunt is totally awesome and unforgettable follow these simple tips below. Try something new and different! Instead of the typical daytime Easter egg hunt try something extra fun like a night time hunt with glow in the dark […]

How to Customize Your Own Canvas Shoes

Give me a pair of slip-on shoes and you’ve got yourself one happy Mama. Better yet, slip on shoes for the whole family! (Who has time rip and stick velcro? Or even worse tie laces.) I have several pairs of canvas shoes and I wear them any time the temperature is above 40 degrees. If I […]

Crochet: How to Single Crochet and Other Tips

In the last Crochet: A Beginner’s Guide post, we learned the very basics to start and end many patterns. We learned how to crochet a chain and slip stitch. In order to make crocheted fabric, we need to build upon a chain or a circle of some kind. So in this post, we are going […]

“Where the Wild Things Are” Inspired Painted Canvas

My littlest one loves to read “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak. We’ve been reading it together for years so that now she can recite whole pages to me. (My heart grows three sizes when I hear her say “rashed their terrible teeth”.) In order to bring a little of Max and the […]

Crochet: How to Chain and Slip Stitch

If you’ve been following along with my Crochet: A Beginner’s Guide series, I am sure you are more than ready to actually begin crocheting. So, let’s get hooking! A pattern will most often begin with a series of Chains or a circle and end with a Slip Stitch. We will learn the Chain and Slip […]