Alaskan Craft Activities

This winter the kids and I have been studying a lot about Alaska.  These activities have been a great way to learn about this Arctic state.  They’re designed for PreK and Kindergarten, but my second grader had fun with them too.   Construction Paper Eskimos We’ve learned a lot about the Inuit tribes.  Here is […]

DIY Paper Doily Flowers

These paper doily flowers look so pretty and are very easy to create. They also make wonderful gifts for those special people in your life. To make these paper doily flowers, abortion you will need: Paper doilies – The white ones I used were 5” (12.5cm) and the red ones were 16cm Green pipe cleaners […]

Create Your Own Valentine Friend

We love Valentine’s Day at our house. We’re not into the huge commercial push per-se, but since pink & red happen to be the favorite colors of half the people in our home, we love crafting and creating with all the pink & red materials that are available around Valentine’s Day. (It’s very possible that […]

Back to Basics: Old School Valentine Fun

I’ve had a lot of time to think about what this school year has provided my family. It’s selfish of me, but my most favorite part of having my first grader at home has been the connection we’ve been able to mend. As I’m told most homeschooling parents relate to, I do have a problem […]

Duct Tape Wrapped Sparkly Snowflake Magnets {The Story Corner Blog Hop}

I’m really excited to kick off a brand new monthly series! The Story Corner is going to be a regular monthly feature on the fourth Thursday of every month where several other bloggers and I will share with you some fun books centered on particular themes PLUS crafts, activities, and/or recipes to accompany them! I’m […]

Make an Awesome Alien Spaceship Craft from Leftover Party Supplies

In November, I got married. Although there was lots of love and laughter and jolly good fun, things didn’t necessarily go as planned. It’s okay. There are still a  lot of fond memories from that night. Long story short: We got rained out and because the inside of my dad’s house is a lot smaller […]

Crochet: How to Hold the Hook and Yarn

Crocheting can be one of the most relaxing crafts…unless you are a beginner. Simply getting a feel for how to hold the hook and yarn can be overwhelming and frustrating. BUT, if you continue to practice, it will soon feel as if they were always part of your hands. So, just focus and maintain eager […]

Felt Australian Map

We live in Australia, check so I thought it would be good for our boys to learn more about out country. This felt map of Australia is a fun way to learn about the country ‘down under’. It is an easy craft, find which can be sewn or glued. Supplies: felt thread and needle or […]

From Trash to Treasure-How to Upcycle Your Leftover Christmas Wrapping Paper

The days pass so slowly, dragging like a child who claims she isn’t sleepy, until finally Christmas morning arrives. Some children barely sleep, pouncing on parents in the wee hours of the morning. Others make it until sunrise before sneaking in to see if presents have appeared overnight. Thankfully, my children wait until the “sun […]

Crochet: A Beginner’s Guide