M is for Menu Planning (#23 Start Menu Planning Again/ 30 While 30)

Ah, menu planning.  If you take a minute to google those two words you will likely come across hundreds and thousands or ideas, menu ideas, lists, suggestions, advice, and instructions on how to perform this task for your family to make your grocery shopping days and meal prep time more simple.  I figured it was […]

The Ultimate Homemaking EBook Bundle Sale! Starts TODAY!

This post includes affiliate links, and I make a portion of the sale of each ebook bundle. Thanks for your support of this site! For 6 days only, more than 75 widely-known bloggers and authors in the homemaking sphere have joined together to offer 97 of their most popular eBooks and eCourses, valued at just […]

The ULTIMATE Homemaking Bundle! A FABULOUS DEAL!

I’m really excited to announce this sale to you because I’m sitting on the edge of MY seat waiting for it to begin on Monday! Who is this deal for?  It’s for wives, mothers, homeschoolers, you know…it’s for YOU!  What am I talking about? Sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t!  I promise! […]

31 Days to Clean–A Review and a Sale!

I mentioned before here on my blog and on my Facebook page that I LOVE the cleaning ebook by Sarah Mae, entitled 31 Days to Clean: Having a Marth House the Mary Way.  I have gone through it a few times on my own and with a group of ladies. This isn’t just a how-to […]

How to Substitute Flax Seed for Eggs in Baking

Have you ever decided to bake something like muffins or cornbread and realized AFTER you’d already combined many of your ingredients that you are out of eggs?!  I do this all.the.time. I can’t tell you how many times I want to make a pancake and get everything ready, only to discover there is nary an […]

How to Fix a Crack in Your Cheesecake

Okay before I go any further in this post, I just want to say that I had been baking for over five hours by the time I got to making this cheesecake.  It’s NOT even close to my finest work, but it serves the purpose in showing this simple but amazing trick that I had […]

Knotted Wear Apron Review and Giveaway!

It all started last winter when I needed a dress for Gabriella’s Christmas dance for ballet.  I searched and searched department stores in person and online and could NOT find anything that I liked.  Everything was too fancy or too casual or too…..something.  So, I turned to Etsy.  Oh, how I adore that site!  I […]

Gingerbread and a Basket

We finished up the second book in the American Girl Samantha Parkington series, Samantha Learns a Lesson., In this book, young Ms. Parkington shows how to be selfless and to serve others when she spends a great deal of her free time teaching her best friend Nellie, a poor servant girl, how to read so […]

A Not So New Challenge

Back in the fall, I began following and participating in a 31 Days to Clean challenge based on the ebook written by Sarah Mae. I started off well, writing up my mission statement and rolling up my sleeves to get to work. I began to change my perspective on what clean really means and to […]

American Girl Wrap Up: Kirsten

Oh, our poor neglected American Girl activities. 🙁 We’ve been so caught up in school and other things that unfortunately, these got put on the backburner.  We’ve still been plugging along, but at a MUCH slower pace.  Alec has also been working many, many hours, so it’s been harder for Gabriella and I to carve […]