Servanthood: Whose Slave Do You Think I Am? (Chapter Ten, PH Study)

“How is deep, abiding contentment to be found? If it isn’t in careers, riches,houses, a great spouse, or wonderful children, then where are we supposed tolook? This is where God gives us the eternal paradox: true life is found indeath; true happiness is found in sacrifice; true peace is found in giving awayour comforts and […]

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow?

It’s that time of year again! As a city transplant in a very rural area, cialis gardening is a relatively new experience for me. Prior to last year, if I wanted a fresh fruit or vegetable, off to the grocery store I went! Alec grew up gardening and hunting and drawing much of the family’s […]

Help Meet Cheat Sheet Series–Week One

Good morning! Let’s just jump right on in, search shall we? I’m so excited to see where this series takes me (and maybe you!). If you missed my first post, pills go here to see what this is all about! *************************************************************************************Tip Tip One:Refuse to miss a day of Bible reading. (Do not read in front […]

Help Meet Cheat Sheet Series

There is a blog that I really enjoy reading, sales written by an extremely conservative Christian homeschooling mother named Mrs. E. She is very straight forward and honest as well as biblical when it comes to how she lives her life and teaches her children. She has written several posts on her blog about her […]

Domestic Engineer in Training

I was thinking the other day about what a long way I’ve come in my marriage when it comes to homemaking. Most of the people that know me now, patient have no idea how utterly pitiful I was in this subject just a few short years ago. Growing up, see I had a single mother […]