6 Surprising Video Games with Educational Value

A lot of parents fear that too much screen time will damage their children’s brains, look but many video games actually have a lot of benefit for developing brains. Today, sales I’m sharing with you some surprising video games with educational value- all part of a well-rounded STEM education. 6 Surprising Video Games with Educational […]

P is for Pirates in the Ancient World

  Hello! My name is Christy, and I am obsessed with pirates. I’m working on writing a book that teaches world history through a focus on pirates. My book will be dealing with history from 1500 – 1800 AD., but many of the issues that comes up in reading about pirates in that early modern […]

O is for Olympics in Ancient Times

This week’s letter for the ABC’s of Ancient History is O. When I think of the letter O, the first thing that pops in my mind is the Olympics. I am going to share some hands on activities as well as some fun resources to help make studying the Olympics in ancient times a memorable part of […]

21 Ocean Themed Books and More for Kids

Summer is here! The weather is hot, the sunlight is long, fireflies glow, and vacations to the beach abound! In our homeschool, we generally continue schooling, but do lighter work and use unit studies. This time of year, one subject that is fun to take a deeper look at is ocean life. Since books are always […]

N is for Nubia: An Ancient African Kingdom

Hi everyone! I’m thrilled to participate in The ABCs of Ancient History here at To the Moon and Back! Today, I’ll be highlighting the letter N with “N is for Nubia”! What was Ancient Nubia? Ancient Nubia was an early African kingdom located in parts of modern-day Egypt and the Sudan. Historians are undecided about when […]

M Is for King Minos and the Minotaur

You are trapped in a labyrinth, wandering in circles, hopeful yet fearful for when you’ll meet the monster in the middle: The Minotaur of King Minos. Thus goes the ancient story of King Minos and the Minotaur. King Minos and the Minotaur King Minos and the Minotaur is a story which begins in Athens. Theseus, the […]

L is for Library of Alexandria

Ancient library, Alexandria, Egypt If you plan to study Ancient History the Library of Alexandria should be on your list. Read below a brief summary of the library and how it contributed to the world below. Library of Alexandria had the most extensive library of Classical antiquities. The Library of Alexandria (Egypt) is one of […]

14 Summer Science Experiments for Kids

This summer, tadalafil it’s all about STEM activities for kids at our house. We’re diving into fun engineering, technology, math, and science projects while we have off from traditional school.   Science is our favorite STEM activity, so we are always looking for new science projects to do that aren’t too difficult. If you want […]

K is for King Tutankhamen: Books About King Tut for Children

We have been using Biblioplan, Year One: Ancients for our history this past homeschool year. We’ve had such a great time really diving into each civilization that we will be continuing with it into our next year. Rabbit trails abound, and I want to really savor my children’s enthusiasm for their studies. One particular topic […]

J is for Jupiter, Roman God

Jupiter, Roman God Jupiter, in Roman mythology, the supreme god. He directed the course of human life, and revealed future events by producing omens in the heavens. Jupiter was identified with the Greek god Zeus, and many of the early stories about him correspond to those told of Zeus. The temple in Rome dedicated to all […]