Memorial Day Lesson Activities

  How does your family celebrate Memorial Day? Do you take a trip to the coast or a backyard barbecue with friends? Do you attend the parade downtown? Memorial Day is seen as the opening day for summer activities, but it has a historical significance that should not be missed amid the celebrations. These Memorial […]

I is for Isis, Egytian Mythology

ISIS Role: Goddess of motherhood, women, and magic; goddess of the South; protector of Imseti (the son of Horus who watched over the canopic jar containing the liver)   When her husband Osiris was killed and dismembered, Isis was seen as a dedicated wife by searching high and low for his remains. It was Isis who supposedly […]

6 Ways to Explore Your Community

It’s May which means it’s the perfect time to get out and take a field trip around your community! Spring is one of my favorite times to take walking field trips. We’re lucky enough to live in our downtown area which makes it very easy to walk to various places in our community. Even if […]

H is for Honey Dates, Gustatio, and Bread! An Ancient Roman Feast for Kids!

How to make a kid friendly Ancient Roman Feast. Romans knew how to throw a party. Wealthy Romans threw lavish events that included entertainment and music. They ate reclining on couches. The food was amazing and included delicacies such as ostrich, dormice and flamingo. Kitchens in ancient Rome were small, crowded and hot. They cooked […]

Science Supplies to Have on Hand (To Keep Those Kids Learning!)

We are big fans of STEM activities for kids at our house. You will always find my girls up to some fun STEM activity. At nearly 9, for sale Monkey is a STEM fiend. Once, medicine she even decided to invent skates for her doll. She has a creative and inventive mind, which we love […]

G is for Greece{Ancient Greece Resource Round Up}

Streaming (subscriptions required) Netflix – Mystery Files:  Alexander the Great The 300 Sartans Hulu – Horrible Histories – Groovy Greeks Kid’s Animated History Episodes 5&6 Amazon Prime – New Dimension:  Ancient Greece New Dimension:  Ancient Athens Empires Season 7, Episode 1 Global Treasures Acropolis Athens, Greece Brain Pop – Democracy Video FREEBIES Teachers Pay Teachers […]

F is for Food from Ancient Times

One of our favorite parts of doing a year of world geography in our homeschool last year was making foods from each country that we “traveled” to in our lessons. We tried so many new things and while we didn’t exactly enjoy all of them, it was an adventure and fun just the same. While […]

A Quick and Easy Way to Improve Cognitive Functioning

I have a quick and easy way to improve your cognitive functioning by ten percent! No, price I’m not going to sell you on a program. No, purchase I don’t have a magic formula. In fact, it’s free. I know a lot of you already do this, but do you make it important for your […]

E is for Egypt{Ancient Egypt Activities}

Ancient Egypt is such a fun time period to explore with young kids.  There are so many topics you can cover, allowing for lots of fun hands-on activities to be added into your studies.  From King Tut, to the pyramids, to the Nile River, to Moses, there are so many amazing people, places, and events […]

Help Birds Build Their Nests

My children love to bird watch at their grandmother’s house. She has feeders in the yard, beside the patio, and attached to the windows with suction cups. Her backyard is a seed and suet smorgasbord! She has several species of birds, finches especially, that swoop in and out of her yard all day. At our home, […]