Lesson Plan March 9-13

MondayLHTH Unit 1, Day 5Trip to the Library TuesdayWorkbook time “Matching”Bible Craft–“God’s Lights in the Sky”Read Alice in Bibleland, The Story of Creation by Alice Joyce DavidsonReview “God Made the Universe,” “Two Trees,” “God’s Promises,” and “Cain and Abel” songs from LHTH Unit 1. Songs can be found on The Singing Bible by Focus on […]

Homeschool Week in Review–Week 2

What an exciting week it’s been here! We are still working on Little Hands to Heaven Unit 1, Creation and the Fall. MondayWe started the week off by looking up foods that began with the letter “A.” Sweetpea enjoyed this, because it meant some computer time. We looked up apples, artichokes, apricots, and a few […]

Lesson Plan March 2-6

Monday ~Learn about “A” foods. *apples *artichokes *asparagus *apricots *avocados *acorns ~Craft–Make a “God created the world” bookmark~Workbook time. Tuesday ~Little Hands to Heaven(LHTH) Unit 1, ailment Day3~Review the ASL sign for letter A~Read a storybook about The Creation Story. Wednesday ~Bible Craft~A is for Apple Tracer Page~Learn some “A” songs *Apple Tree *Alice the […]

The Homeschooling Adventure Begins…For Real!

I have neglected the blog this week. I missed it, but I was so busy with some family things and with beginning Sweetpea’s preschool curriculum, that every time I sat down at the computer to post an entry, I just…didn’t. But, never fear! Here I am and I am so excited to say that our […]

The Homeschooling Adventure Begins…..Almost

Sweetpea is rapidly approaching her third birthday. In fact, it’s so close that the mere thought that my little princess is going to officially be moving out of the “toddler” stage and be labeled a “preschooler,” makes me want to cry. It’s bittersweet, really. I love to watch her grow and learn and change, but […]