FREE “Mama, Do You Love Me?” Literature Pack

With winter upon us, my kiddos and I are setting the mood by studying about the Arctic region.  Since I don’t follow a curriculum, I follow the lead of some of my favorite bloggers and create literature packets to go along with children’s books.  I like doing this because it keeps all of our lessons connected, keeps the […]

U is for Unleavened Bread

Today I am excited to guest post for Dusty for the ABC’s of Bible Study for Children. I am Karyn and I blog at Teach Beside Me. Today’s post is U is for Unleavened Bread. I had fun researching this topic and deciding what to use in this post. As I have been preparing for […]

FREE Winter Girls Word Search Printable Pack

My eight year old daughter loves word searches. She has several activity books that contain them and thoroughly enjoys the challenge they bring to her. With the onset of colder weather, pharm they also make great boredom busters when cabin fever sets in.  I created this pack with my girl in mind and am now […]

T is for Truth

It’s time for the letter T in the ABC’s of Bible Study!  This week’s post is an exclusive FREE printable pack, T is for TRUTH! Using this printable, but primarily through the exploration of the selected Bible verses, children will learn that the word of God contains the truth, and that truth is sharper than any […]

R is for the Resurrection of Jesus

I know it’s the Christmas season and we are celebrating the birth of Jesus, but it’s also an excellent time to remember the reason he was born–to die for us to save us. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the pinnacle of our faith. Without it, we would have no hope of Heaven. Last spring […]

Q is for Quiet Spirit

Anyone with children appreciates those quiet moments!  Does having a “quiet spirit” mean that our children will be quiet all the time! To see how to help our children develop a quiet spirit, we have to know what the Bible says about a quiet spirit. The verse that comes first to mind is directed to godly wives:  but let […]

P is for Parables of Jesus{FREE Copywork Printable Pack!}

Parables are a fantastic teaching tool for young children. They are merely simple stories that portray a lesson. They bring a possibly complicated concept to life by describing them using situations that people can better understand. Jesus used them often when he taught and the lessons learned from those parables are life changing. Some of […]

FREE Silly Monster Games and Activities Printable Pack

We had some super silly activities during our homeschool time today. Sometimes you just need to have fun instead of doing ‘the usual.’ Instead of doing our regular math activities, we played with silly monsters. This was part of my mission to get my first grader excited about doing school (which she hates in general). […]

N is for Nativity {Free Printable Game Pack!}

It’s not quite November yet, but I think it’s never too early to get our minds on the wonderful gift that we celebrate at Christmas. Without the precious Lord, where would we all be? November is a month of thankfulness and I know that I am ever grateful for God’s greatest gift, His Son. For […]

M is for Moses {FREE Moses Coloring and Copywork Pages}

Moses is one of the most central figures in the Old Testament. The story of his life from infancy until his death is amazingly fascinating. What would it be like to get so close to God that your face glows from the glory? What sort of faith would you have to have to be the […]